Why Is Virginity Still A Big Issue In India?


They say it’s 21st century, but they still directly or indirectly judge your morality by your virginity!

Yes welcome to India my friend, where in fact, virginity is still a big issue and most of us are overshadowed by our hypocritical self.

Honestly I still can’t figure out how can someone judge your morality just like that.

They say you cant indulge in pre-marital sex, but wait for marriage then have the license to do anything.

My question- So is marriage only the license to have sex?

I was watching this video by ‘Bol Public Bol’, and I heard this man who was talking about how even lord Rama abandoned Sita (when she was kidnapped by Ravana) just because people of Ayodhya raised doubts on her purity.

Wow great thinking! slow claps for this man..


Honestly I am disgusted seeing how some of us actually feel about this issue, but then India is a free country and everyone has a right to speak, so I guess I am leaving that just there.

My question to you is, why is virginity still a big issue? And more importantly why it becomes the so called ‘Morality’ issue when it comes to girls?

So if a girl doesn’t bleed on her first night, she is termed non virgin, puhleeezz.. Let me burst your bubble- An intact hymen is not really a sure sign of virginity, even non-sexual activities like sports, horse riding, dancing etc can rupture a girls hymen.

Honestly I thought you fall in love with someone based on how they are as a person, I thought the most important factor for a relationship to work is the understanding and trust but I guess that’s just wrong, the truth is-You have to be virgin and that’s all.

This video will prove how some section of the society (Read us) judge your character based on your virginity. Have a look at this video, you might feel disgusted by some of the comments…


I am still trying to figure out was this video for real? Are we still in the era where a man leaves his wife based on suspicion raised by outsiders?

I am expecting lots of judgmental comments on this article and I know some of you won’t prove me wrong 😉

So how important virginity is for you? Would you marry a non-virgin?

Don’t forget to share your views in the comments below.

P.S Don’t judge my morality based on this…

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