YOLO! You Only Live Once! Live it or Leave it! Simplified!

You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once!

No it is not the dumbass excuse for something stupid what you did. It is ALSO NOT one of the most annoying abbreviations ever! It has a lot of meaning to it and we will tell you WHY EXACTLY!

These speak-for-self-images will make you understand the term and will leave a smile on your face!

1) Of course we said that already! YOLO!


2) If at all a self-proclaimed existence calculation specialist tries to tell you otherwise and narrates the stories of “Life After Death”, tell him to take a hike! You Only and You Only Live Once ! YOLO!


3) No no my dear friend! It is not the time to brood over the fact that you actually don’t have 84, 00000000 lives (Are the zeroes enough??  God my math sucks), which is stuffed in our brains ever since we were sent to this planet! Now that you have discovered the ultimate truth, get up and START LIVING! YOLO!


4) Go mad, break the barriers, do what makes you happy, jump from the trains, hang on the walls! YOLO!


5) Please for God Sake, build a Sense of Humor! If you can’t build it, borrow it! You need it! YOLO!


6) And with that Sense of Humor, LAUGHT IT OUT LOUD man! On anything and everything! YOLO!


7) Develop some Kickass Self Confidence! Just think that every day is a Fashion Show and the only applaud winning attire you can wear is your Confidence! YOLO!


8) Eat whatever you want to! Nobody, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY has the freaking right to QUESTION YOU ON YOUR EATING HABBITS (what kind of world is this?) YOLO!


9) Plan that ever-wanted holiday NOW!! YOLO!


10) Dude, once you are dead, that money is not going to buy you a PENT HOUSE In Heaven…or Hell (invest in some good deeds my buoy, hell is not a good place to be, trust me)! Spend it my friend, just spend it! YOLO!


11) Make friends with WHOMEVER you like! Maybe some crazy eccentric people and do all the wild things together! YOLO!


12) Forgive and Forget??  Naaaaah!!  Better still, TAKE A SOLID REVENGE! YOLO!


13) Be the ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR of your OWN LIFE! You don’t have to look like Marlon Brando or Scarlet Johansson to be that! Just BE YOU, THE WAY YOU ARE! YOLO!


14) Hope you got it LOUD AND CLEAR!


 You Only Live Once

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