Why we are not thrilled about Krrish 3

With just five days to go for Krrish 3’s release, we tell you why we are not excited about this superhero flick.

Diwali release ‘Krrish 3’ may be aiming at making Rs 100 crore at the BO, but there’s nothing about this superhero flick that excites us. As we wait to find out the fate of this movie on November 1, we tell you why we aren’t rooting for this sequel. Read on!

Tacky songs:
First of all, we are not in favor of song and dance sequences in a superhero flick. It just Bollywood-izes the entire proceeding. But what happens when these ‘forced’ songs turn out to be super tacky and 80s-inspired? You simply flip out in anger. From the unbearable ‘Dil Tu Hi Bata’ to the 80s-like ‘Allah, God Aur Bhagwan’, every song is a major put off.

Juvenile background score:
May be the makers are trying to impress the kiddie lot, why else would they have a background score that screams juvenile? If you haven’t heard a strange chorus going ‘Krrish- Krrish’ in the background of the title song, you have been rather fortunate so far!

Cheesy mutants:
Since we don’t have a comic book culture, introducing cheesy characters like ‘Frogman’, ‘Scoropinwoman’ and ‘Antman’ is laughable. When people in the West make a superhero movie, the audiences can relate to the protagonist as we have seen and read about him. But nobody knows who or what an Antman is!

Female lead who does nothing:
This is true for American superhero flicks too. The leading lady does nothing exciting other than get caught in major problems that only the hero can solve. Hmm. Also, we are tired or Priyanka Chopra’s giggly avatar where she dresses like a 20-year-old and behaves like a 16-year-old.

Rona-dhona and drama:
Like a typical Bollywood movie, this one will have some rona-dhona and drama that will take away from the high octane superhero plot. It’s necessary for the makers to introduce desi tadka to make the movie mass-ey. We are not a big fan that. What about you?

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