6 Bollywood Celebs And Their Good Luck Charms You May Not Know

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Many people do believe in lucky charms as they think these charms would help them to attain success and good health and to avert any bad omen.

We all know about Salman’s famous sapphire amulet that is always dangling in his wrist and since ages, stars and celebs have considered in all the rituals that can bring in more success. From changing names to getting stoned to sticking to particular numbers, many celebs have and are following such rituals.

Let see which celebs attributes their success to which lucky charm

  1. Shilpa Shetty’s lucky charm is Emerald Ring and two watches.

Many do not know that Shhilpa Shetty do believes in superstitious of lucky charms. She started sporting emerald ring on her little finger when her mother dearest told her to do so. And success gates opened for her.

Shilpa Shetty wears watches on both the wrists whenever her team plays during IPL.

Her luck took a turn for good fortune and she said attributed her success, including her win at Big Brother, IPL stint and her Yoga CD venture.


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