When Nothing Goes Right For You, Take A Left!


Life doesn’t work according to our wishes and desires, no matter how badly we want it to!

There are some extremely awesome and beautiful days in our life when life looks like heaven and sometimes days are so crazy and shi**y that you want the day to end! But those worse days are the longest ones too, as if never coming to an end no matter what!

It is during such days that you got to keep your calm. When nothing is going right for you, take a left! In other words, turn around, take a U-turn and do something that you were not doing otherwise!

Let me share with you some quick tips about how you can make your worst days turn into amazing days when nothing goes right:

1) Positive Attitude

Remember, no matter how screwed up your day is, it can turn around with one thought of positivity as simple as a smile! Yeah, try it out and you’ll find the difference. If no one is there to pep you up, do it yourself! Think of good things that can happen to you and soon you’ll be out of that negative zone!


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