How To Lower Electricity Bill In Summers?

How To Lower Electricity Bill In Summers

Summer is upon us and we will be using fans, fridge and air conditioners in full blast.

As the temperature rises, our bill rates soar as well. So it is better to save on electricity by following some hacks and tips.

You do not have to shell out huge sums for a home upgrade in order to reduce electricity bill as we are presenting you some simple yet effective solutions that will reflect on your bill.

1. Go for large laundry  and dishwashing loads

It’s recommended that you wash clothes in machines or run the dishwasher in full loads Why? For the full loaded machines use the same amount of energy as smaller loads. So instead of doing laundry and washing lot of time, you can pile up and do one large one at a time.



2. Stop Energy Leaks

Everyone should inculcate the habit of switching off gadgets or lights when you are not using them. If you think, it’s quite a common thing and everyone does that but still, I am mentioning it as it is not a habit for some.

Also on should unplug electronics that you are not using especially we plugin TV, chargers and small appliances.Most of us leave these plugged in until we need them next time which results in wastage of energy. So do not forget to unplug appliances as appliances use energy even if they are turned off or you do not need them.


3. Use electricity during off-peak hours.

Did you know that you can take advantage of off-peak rates? Yes, there are many electric companies that offer reduced rates during off-peak hours. After knowing the hours,  you can simply use appliances consume a lot of energy like a water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or air conditioner.


4. Change your bulbs and lights.

Change your bulbs to CFL or LEDs as they are more efficient and use less energy. These are costlier but they are great as they last longer and uses fewer watts.


5. Buy energy star appliances

You can compare top quality and energy efficient appliances and go for those which have good stars and provide efficiency.


6.  Plant shady landscape or you can use solar energy as well.

The Shady landscape will protect your home from scorching heat which will reduce your air-conditioning costs in summers and block high winds that will reduce you heating costs during winters.


7. Close blinds, windows during the day.

The blazing sunshine heats up a room quickly. Many stores nowadays sell special curtains designed for this purpose.


Follow these tips to reduce electricity bill and see the results by yourself.

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