These Restaurants In Delhi Are Frequented By Stars Like Virat Kohli And Ranbir Kapoor

Star restaurants in Delhi

Star restaurants in Delhi – Stars are like common human beings like us. We are in constant misconception that they only visit high-brow places to eat looking at their opulence and yearly turnover.

But starts descend on earth too, sometimes. They visit the same places in Delhi we do sometimes, and here are the restaurants that can be mentioned in this context.

These star restaurants in Delhi are super famous for the delectable cuisine they offer.

Star restaurants in Delhi –

1. Nathu’s, Mandi House:

Sonam Kapoor was loud and clear about her admiration for Nathu’s golgappas in Bengali market near Mandi house. The super savoury golgappas left her enamoured too like all of us here. Not only that, Nathu’s have a plethora of options to satiate your sweet tooth also. Ranging from Chaats to full course meals, the vegetarian food menu will surely blow your mind.

2. Olive Bar and Kitchen:

Olive bar in Mumbai is frequented by Deepika Padukone for its cozy ambience and delectable food. This simple and superb place is a hot favourite among other Bollywood stars too. Besides, the restaurant overlooks Qutub Minar that makes the ambience pristine too.

3. Nueva, R.K Puram:

Virat Kohli’s new familial venture Nueva is frequented by celebrities for all the right reasons. No prizes for guessing, you will definitely spot one celebrity couple here, Virushka, in line with others.

4. Wasabi by Morimoto:

There are two franchise of this restaurant chain, one is in Delhi and another is in Mumbai. Saif Ali Khan is a regular visitor of Wasabi Mumbai. So if you are a Saif fan and want to catch a glimpse of him, visit Delhi’s Wasabi FTW!

5. Andaz:

If you want soak yourself in the cultural significance of Delhi, this place is your sure go-to. Grapevine has that the all the high-profile parties are organized in Andaz. Andaz’s new venture is The Hong Kong Club which has been a celebrity magnet for quite some time now. Recently, in a Manish Malhotra party, there were many celebrities spotted in the Hong kong Club.

6. Taj Diplomatic Enclave:

This was the venue of Virushka reception party. Located in Sardar Patel Marg, this restaurant is being frequented by some famous people followed by Virushka’s reception. It remains star-studded always as being one of the best 5 star hotels in Delhi.

7. Oberoi, Gurgaon:

Shahid Kapoor’s wedding reception was held in this place. This is pretty famous as a celebrity hangout and shooting destination. Shahid-Mira’s reception was a close knit affair where their bosom friends were invited.

8. Laxman Dhaba, Sanjay Van:

If you haven’t tasted the meat paranthas of Sanjay Van, you missed a lot. These are super tasty and liked by many Bollywood celebrities hence. Ranbir Kapoor’s picture was clicked here during the shooting of Rockstar. What if he won’t visit the same place again, these Paranthas are our favourites still because he ate them once.

These are Star restaurants in Delhi – So good luck with stalking celebrities!

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