When Should You Give Up?

Giving up

Giving up – Since childhood, we have been told that we shouldn’t give up.

Giving up on things, situations and people portray you as a meek person. So even if you talk about to cease making efforts, you will be considered no less than a coward.

Well, that’s not how it should be, there are times, circumstances, people, emotions and memories on which you ought to give up. You need to pick yourself over things that shatter you and thus you should give up when:

Giving up –

It costs your peace:      

Even if it gives you happiness remember it is transient. Nothing can pay for your contentment and thus if it costs you the peace you should give up. You should omit all those efforts towards an interim source of joy or glee.

Peace is something which is not easily attained, it takes time and develops eventually. So if you have to choose between calmness and gay, select the prior.

It doesn’t give you happiness:    

Now you might fuzz up between the two; happiness and peace. To make it clear, the happiness which births from peace should be your motto, not the one out of doing fancy things.

You might try to fix things with someone you cares about or might be holding memories of past when things were like you wished. Holding onto those which no longer cheers you, will just stress you out and suck out the flow of happiness pumped by your heart. You surely need to give up on them.

When your instinct says NO:     

Learn to understand the omens. Besides, you should also trust your gut feelings. They don’t lie, all you have to do is to know what they’re trying to tell you.

Your heart feels heavy when it is sick, it is deprived of love or filled with melancholy. But this same heart pumps with vigour when given love and care. So if you feel your efforts are in vain and it doesn’t please to take any more step then you should give up.

Giving up

It makes you hate yourself:     

Only if you can love yourself, you can embrace the world with wide chords. But if you fail to accept your blemishes, the brightness of the people would only make you feel blue.

Now it is important to be grateful for yourself and sip the bliss of life rather than munching on the cracks and nuts.

Accept the fact that things have changed, do try making it better but if that attempt twirl into you to belittle yourself, stop it right there.

You’re no more needed   

This is about the time when despite giving your ’n’ times of trials you face disappointment in return. You feel dejected and down in the mouth.

Giving up

Giving up – You’re just trying to make things like before but instead of appraisal, you feel like you’re no more the part of the frame and thus are not needed. You immediately have to introspect yourself such point of time and give up to out efforts when it’s not your call.

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