3 Reasons Why Our Generation Has Given Up On True Love

Given Up On Love

Given up on love – When it comes to love, we all tend to run away from it these days.

Yes, it’s a nice feeling but somewhere we are scared of falling in love nowadays because of various reasons.

Earlier, things used to be a little different as people were ready to fall in love and once they used to get into something, it had to be never ending. But things have changed lately and as a consequence, our generation has given up on love.

Why? Well, let’s look at the possible reasons.

Given up on love – 

1 – Impatience and Vulnerability

This generation is impatient and vulnerable and there is no one who can deny this fact. We just want things to happen ASAP and we really don’t care how it happens. That’s the reason why we get into relationships at an early stage and destroy ourselves for the feeling called love. Apart from that, we are vulnerable and our choices change any moment. So, it has become tough for many of us to love the person in the same way we did from the very first day. As a result, we give up on the person and keep on getting into various relationships. Where’s the love? Nowhere!

2 – Too much into physical intimacy

A wise man once said, when we get too much physically intimate with a person, emotional intimacy gets a little decreased. This generation is so much into physical relationships that they forget why they are with a certain person because all they can think about is not related to the heart but mind. And when such things end, they feel like love is not worth it but actually, they are saying that for sex.

3 – Family Issues

With the changing times, people have dealt with a lot of stress and children have grown up watching just that. Parents fight at home, have zero romance and what not. Though they love each other, but as time has passed, they have got tired of the lives they are dealing with. But the generation grew up watching them like that, thinking that love is nothing but a word. Now, they have no idea that it is actually something they won’t understand until they experience the same.

These are just some of the reasons why our generation has given up on love and there are various reasons depending on different people. All I want to say is that just give love a chance and by love I mean true love. I am sure it won’t fail you and you will believe in love once again.

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