9 Stupid Games We Played in Our childhood That are Worth Remembering Now

Stupid games – In the chamber of our hearts, we have meticulously preserved the memories of childhood.

Why not? Those were the golden days of our lives where small things made big differences for us. Our days wallowed around insipid things and we miss those things real bad now. Not necessarily, the ways we enjoyed in those days should be similar but there are some famously stupid games that, you can’t dare deny, you too have played in your childhood.

The lonesome winter-sun-soaked rooftops still stand souvenir to our frolics and gambols and here are some games that we all played in our childhood:

Stupid games that we played in our childhood –

1 – Ringa-Ringa Roses:

We collected few friends and joined hands to form a circle and danced round and round, round and round with the ringa ringa roses song for company. In this age of uninnocence, those memories plant a smile in our faces instantly.

2 – Pretend Play:

As Sigmund Freud said, it is a general psychology among kids to pretend as adults in the own small world and imitate what adults around them do. So, we pretended to be our parents and thrived around our own imaginary household.

3 – Chinese Whisper:

We sat in a row and the first person from the left or right whispered something in the person’s ear sitting next to them and the cycle went on. The last person had to shout what he heard from his previous person and trust me that was nothing close to what the first person had said, it got misinterpreted with a whole new meaning.

4 – Colour Man:

One person had to turn his back on others and shout the name of a colour he chose, the other people had to run and touch the first thing they saw in that colour and on failing the colourman caught him and he had to play the colourman in the next leg of the game.

5 – Passing the parcel:

We sat in a circle and a put the music on while we passed something, say a box or a handkerchief in the next person’s lap and the cycle went on. The music would be stopped abruptly by the referee of the game and the person on whose lap the handkerchief/box would be found at that moment will have perform a dare.

6 – Musical Chair:

The chair count was same as the count of participants, just one chair less. There was a referee who took care of the music and while we circled round and round the chair, he stopped the music abruptly and we had to grab our chairs at once. The single person, who was left, was out.

7 – Hide and seek:

Well, who doesn’t know about hide and seek. It’s a common game we all played in our childhood.

8 – Catch me if you can:

A person was put in blindfold and left to catch the participants who ran around escaping his reach and dropping hints about their probable position by shouting. Now if the person in blindfolds was able to catch a participant, he will have to be the one who wears blindfolds.

9 – Ludo:

When it poured cats and dogs in the outside and we were deterred from going outside, we chose Ludo instead. There was snake and ladder too to add to the fun.

Oops! Did I make you way too nostalgic?

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