These MEN Confessed Their Sexual Assault Stories Which Are Sure To Blow Your Mind Off!

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is gender-bias to be true and can leave a blot on anyone’s memory be it a male or a female.

Women have always been the major target of sexual assaulters as they somewhere consider them weak but then, there’s one aspect that we fail to notice which is that “MEN GET SEXUALLY ASSAULTED TOO”. To break the misconception that only men assault and women get assaulted we have stories of some men who were sexually assaulted. I am sure these are going to sting your heart like a bolt:

Sexual assault on men –

Person 1: “I am gay and the sad part is people think that we’re always hungry to have sex. The guy who raped me was my best friend when I was 13 years old and he was 14 years old. It was then a week before that I told him that I was attracted to men. He tried to rape me and when I resisted he bet me with an electrical cord saying you are gay you SHOULD want this”.

Person 2: “I was raped by my uncle and that was the day I felt guilty of having a penis and hormones on which I have no control on. ‘Stop fighting. Look how hard you are. You know you want it’ is what he said before engulfing me in his sexual curiosity. I was 14 and he was 40 years old back then; he did that to my cousins as well but I was the only one to speak out”.

Person 3: “After getting raped by a relative the last words uttered by him that I could hear before fainting were ‘No one is going to love you. No one is going to care. You are damaged now’. I had been depressed for a long, long time because of those words but now NOT”.

Person 4: “I was shocked when a move in that direction was made by my cousin who was more than a real brother to me. As I resisted he said ‘It’s okay, all brothers do this. It is called practicing’. I am still grossed out with what he did with me that day. A bit of common sense and strength was all that I needed to avoid an awful situation of my life”.

Person 5: “His words still haunt me even today as no matter what I did, I can’t get rid of that nightmare. She said, ‘You say you were abused. You weren’t abused you, little baby. Maybe I should pull off your pants and suck your dick and then you’ll really be abused’. The sad part was that the attacker was my MOTHER; my stepmother was like God to me after my mother passed away. I was shattered”.

Person 6: “He said ‘Be a man and just do it’. What did he even mean by saying that? I was not rapped that day but still, I felt that horror inside of me for a long time. I still get jitters when I think about that day”.

Person 7: “He rapped me, he killed my soul, he wrecked my emotions and it broke my hurt. He left a mark on my existence and I can never forget that. After doing what he had to the only words he could say were ‘You look so beautiful’. I am still haunted by that to an extent where I have started hating the word beautiful. I have a girlfriend now, I call her pretty, gorgeous or whatever but never BEAUTIFUL.

Person 8: “He came closer and closer and as I was in a room I couldn’t run; the house of empty that day. He tried to comfort me by saying ‘I want to show you how much I care’. I was completely grossed-out about my own self.

Person 9: “I was raped by a teacher; he was a teacher of my school and because of my low grades called me for extra classes at his home. I could see him boozing as soon as I entered and then came the most awful and disgusting moment of my life. I wanted to talk to it out to someone so I once told my best friend about what all happened some years back. Her reply shocked me as she said, ‘Men can’t get raped’. I still feel pathetic about it and since that day I never tried to speak to anyone about it.

Person 10: “I was molested and assaulted when I was only 4 years old. Old enough to understand that something was wrong and young enough to react retaliate and avoid.He stuck his tongue down to my throat and then on the other things. He was licking me like a lollipop and I feel awful about that day.

Sexual assault is something which has been penetrating through the roots of the society since a very long time. The worst part is that the happenings are too difficult to explain. A lot of people don’t even talk about Sexual assault through their entire life and some do come out to share their experience and trauma. The only reason to talk about the Sexual assault is to explain to all of you that one should never feel guilty about what happened to them. Talking about it is and letting the people around you know is the most important thing.


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