Sayat.me Is Ruling The Social Media And Here’s How Twitteratis Are Hilariously Reacting On It!

Twitter Jokes On Sayat.me

Twitter jokes on Sayat.me – If you are on any social media site, then you certainly know what “Sayat.me” is, am I right?

You might’ve even tried it. Have you done it? Maybe yes, agree?

That’s the craze I’m talking about.

People who use Instagram are especially posting links of Sayat.me to find out what others think about them. You know, as the name is kept anonymous so giving feedback has become quite easy. No doubt, it’s truly a great tool to gather anonymous and honest feedback from all your followers.

Well, the craze is still going on and on, and especially Instagramers are truly enjoying it. Damn! The Instagram stories of others I see on my Insta account are all about Sayat.me feedback. I guess that you might be having the same scenario.

But to be honest, there are people who haven’t used it yet. It isn’t like they don’t want feedback or something like that, but you know, there are some different reasons.

To make things clear, here’s a list of Twitteratis reaction on Sayat.me. Well it will certainly help you understand why “some” people aren’t interested to use Sayat.me.

Are you ready? Here it goes…

Twitter jokes on Sayat.me –

  1.      Haha! Time changes.

2. What do you guys think about this? Hehe!

3. Absolutely!!

4. This one is hilarious.


5. SAIRAT!! Lol.

6. Ok so, have you guys received an apology? 


7. Yeah! Moms will always give TRUE feedbacks.

8. Just Saying!!

9. Oops!

10. So damn true.

Twitter Jokes On Sayat.me – What do you think guys? Comment below.

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