Ten Things We All Woman Are So Done With And Should Not Take These Anymore!

Things that all women done

Things that all women done – Forget about the years that passed away.

But what plans for 2k18?! Silently take all the abuses and bullies that the dirty society around throws at you?! Not all, but yes, a major part of the society loves posing problems and issues to woman almost every day. Enough of everything that has been accepted, silently till date. Not anymore, seriously.

Time to step forward, and talk instead of remaining silent, for no mistake of yours. Let this 2018 experience the change of the no more.

So, here are few things that should get you take the stand and give back – the next time they happen around you.

Things that all women done –

  1. Bullying

Say no to bullying, by which people try to show some unwanted power and dominance over you. It’s really the time that you speak and give back – instead of silently taking them all. Be against any kinds of bullying like the physical, social, mental bullying.

Things that all women done

  1. Fuck boys

Screw up all the fucking womanizers out in the society that have no serious intentions of being into an everlasting relation – but crave for physical things. Kick out the vampires out from the society.

Things that all women done

  1. Catcalling

Fashion among those jobless rogues on the roads. The next time you hear someone catcalling you or your friend – just don’t leave the place. But teach them a lesson.

Things that all women done

  1. Male egos

Bloody egos that is good for nothing, seriously. Don’t tolerate them, even if it’s your boss. Remember, you don’t have a fear when there is no fault on your part.

Things that all women done

  1. Sexist jokes

The next time you hear a dirty joke about you being cracked by the useless people around, don’t fret. Instead talk to them and let them know their ‘aukat’ for being so jobless.

  1. Gender bias

The world is seeing a lot of modernization, but they are some social evils that refuse to leave the society. And one such evil is the ‘gender discrimination’. Let the actions speak that the woman are no less.

  1. Apologies for being bossy

Why should you apologize for being bossy?! After all that is the power that is conferred upon you? And so tell people that you are making a good use of it, instead of apologizing senselessly.

Things that all women done

  1. Patriarch loving society

Why should men alone lead the family?! And why not we woman do that! Is it that the men alone have mastered the art of leading a family? I don’t think so. Show up that you can take good responsibility of the family and its members.

Things that all women done

  1. The kaamwali bai ka show

Excuse me! Enough of all the pains that you have taken to put up the skin show.

Things that all women done

  1. Inequality in the payment scale

When women are also getting equally educated like men, in fact even more in most of the cases – why discrimination in the payment of the salary. Stand up for this injustice and discrimination.

These are the things that all women done – Now you need you to stand up for yourself at least now and give back. Because, being a woman is not a crime and nothing bad about it. Stand up for the different things that happen around in this polluted society. Time to break the glass. Stand up for yourself and let others stand up for their own self -striking all these evils from the society.

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