Ten Odd Situations Women Go Through Which Will Make Her Scream WTF!

Situations that make women scream

Situations that make women scream – I am sure many woman out there, might have at some point gone through many odd situations that will make you scream ‘WTF’. Here, we present you some such odd circumstances that many of the women might have gone through and that will surely make them scream WTF.

Take a look at Situations that make women scream.

Situations that make women scream

1 – Is that my periods or just that sweat caused between my bums, Man!!

Why me 🙁 Why? When fucked up with my work schedules.

2 – When undergoing bikini wax!

Yes it hurts, down there and we scream

3 – Is that just my dirty pant or my vagina that smells?

All of a sudden, when I am struck with a doubt if that was my pant or my vagina that is stinking.

4 – When we fight we just scream f*** off at BF or hubby

Yes because we lose cool

5 – Oops, I must not have stood having forgotten about periods. And now I feel embarrassed just because I’ve stained by pants.

Embarrassed, is the word!!

6 – I’m horny and am single

I need a boyfriend, who can make love to me!

7 – God, why does the strap of the bra be so cruel. Ahh, heaven putting it off!!

Remove that bloody piece of trap and set myself free -at least at this part of the day.

8 – I really doubt about this peel off. I Am scared this might hurt my skin or leave it hurt with rashes all over.

Seem’s like people don’t trust the new products that come out in the market.

9 – Argh, she tried to copy my outfit and of course that a great disaster.

Probably. Ego strikes!!

10 – I am scared if he really like me!! Fingers crossed.

I don’t wish to be ‘Just of friend’ to him. Not at all.

So, these are some Situations that make women scream ‘WTF’. I know, by now many of you could actually relate.

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