You Are Slutty, Vulgar In India If You Do These Things, Women!

Things that make women vulgar – In India people judge you by your dressing your characterless if you have tattoos, if you wear short clothes, etc.

In India it is wrong to talk to strangers but it’s ok to get married to a stranger. Sanskaar Sabhyata and all are just for a women we are taught from childhood don’t do this don’t do that.

Even if a girl is raped it’s her fault” arey yeh to hona hi tha tight jeans jo pehna tha isne” I mean WTF why sanskaars and sabhyata is brain feed-ed only to girls why not you ask your boys not too scan women, not to mistreat them.

Yes women are considered slutty, vulgar, despo, wanna be if you do any of the things below mentioned in India at least.

Things that make women vulgar

  • When you wear short dress or you smoke: Yes Girls you are inviting trouble if you do so as people will call you whore and slut shame you right on your face. Your length of dress is your character certificate!

  • No no skin show: Yes no showing skin you are called a despo who wants men if you do so.

Things that make women vulgar

  • No wearing crop top: Yes girls wearing crop top that shows 2 inches waist is wrong but showing 6 inches waist in saree is ok, you are judged called slut if you wear crop tops.

Things that make women vulgar

  • No flaunting bras or cleavage: Yes society says bras are actually meant to hide inside clothes, why the hell are you posing like a slut you shameless creature.

Things that make women vulgar

  • No drinking: Yes girls no drinking you can’t drink if you drink people often say “such a bitch she is”. Men can drink women cant that’s how society is.

Things that make women vulgar

  • No abusing: Girls men have patent rights no abuse so women can’t abuse if we abuse we are called Vulgar and if men abuse they are cool.

Things that make women vulgar

  • No partying: Yes girls if you party and come home by 2 in the night, society assumes that you hooked up with all the men around. When men party “Bichara pura din kaam karta hae, raat ko enjoy karne do”

  • Red lipstick: Uufff even lipsticks aren’t spared you look tacky, slutty in red lipsticks only whores use it to seduce men.

So, these were a few things that make women vulgar which so called sanskaari girls shouldn’t do no matter what, else they are called bitch.  Girls your clothes shouldn’t be anyone else’s consent give back properly to anyone trying to slut shame you.

We are so sic of hearing such crap. Ohh society please grow up and stop judging us we have no f***’s to give.  Stop judging us by length of our skirts and stop the double standards.

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