11 Signs That Prove That You Are A Perfect Taurean


Taurus – the bull sign is one of the most strongest earth signs and we know everyone who are born under this sun sign have a personality that stands out.

While some believe in horoscope and sun sign traits, there are some who don’t. However these concepts are interesting when we actually relate to the characteristics of the sign.

Taurus call themselves Taureans, and they have these certain distinctive characteristics which makes them totally like their sun sign. 

1. Stubborn in both good and a bad way 

Taurus is represented by bull and we all know its a stubborn animal. Just like their representative Tureens are stubborn when it comes to decision. Sometimes this habit serves them good but sometimes it becomes a friction in many situations. 

2. Emotional, Empathetic and Extremely caring 

They are sensitive, emotional and empathetic. They feel the person who shares their pain with them, they are extremely caring for their near and dear ones. 

3. Their bond is both physical and emotional with their closed ones 

They believe in intimacy in any relationship. They will kiss you, hug you and express their love with physical intimacy. 

4. They love food, that’s one of their luxury in life 

Food is one of the needs in their life. Its luxury for them. Street food or some 5-star fine dine, they totally love food as long as it satisfies their tastebuds. 

5. Style for them is simple, classy and comfort 

Fashion for Taureans is reflection of their personality. They are simple, classy and lovers of comfort. 

6. They hate liars and two faced people, they don’t forgive such people  

One thing every Taurean hates is lies and two faced people. They can never forget nor forgive such kind of people and prefer to delete them from their life. 

7. Ambitious and Independent in their own way 

They achieve their goals and believe in giving their best no matter what. They don’t give up easily and are smart workers. They are independent souls and live carefree. 

8. Lazy, Materialistic and a love of royalty 

They love luxuries in life yet they are grounded in nature. They believe in fulfilling their need on their own. However they are lazy in their own. They try to find the easy way to do the most complex work in their life. Count that as their awesomeness. 

9. They have the cuteness and charm to attract anyone with these traits 

They are attractive and no one can beat their cuteness. They can make you go AWW with love and they have the charm to attract anyone with their charm.  

10. They have extreme emotions when it comes to love or hatred

They love with all their heart and they hate the same. They see no in between, they have emotions which are measured to extreme ends. 

11. They have an amazing sense of humor 

They can crack you up with some of the best comebacks, sarcastic humor and tickling one liners. Go, get a Taurean friend right now. 

So all the Taureans out there, are you guys feeling connected? Share and let people know how much of a perfect Taurean are you. 

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