Your Birth Month Will Reveal Everything About Your Sex Life Whether You Are Kinky Or Passionate !

Birth month reveal sex life

Birth month reveal sex life – It is said our fate has been decided from the time we were born.

But still, the position of the stars also determines a lot of things about us as our stars are what our zodiacs are made of. Our sex life—how it will be or what kind of sex we will be practicing or we will like—is also decided by our birth month. It is more regulated than decided.

So, when you go through this list, I know you will be smiling, laughing and also may be going a little red with embarrassment…!!

So, go through this list and check-out how your birth month reveal sex life is or is going to be…

Birth month reveal sex life –

  • January

They are known to be the kinkiest of all! They love to experiment in bed. Love to try out new things, some of which can be really dirty.

  • February

People born in February really have to connect emotionally with their partners. They look for the real emotion behind the sexual act. So, you will have to go much deeper emotionally to please their partners.

  • March

Their sex is bonded from the start. They are really into their partners so when they are having the intercourse, they give their partners all that they have. They also love spending time in bed.

  • April

They are independent and ruled by Mars. So when they get involved with someone, it’s not for a very long time. For this reason, when they are involved with someone, they have really hot and intense lovemaking sessions.

  • May

May born people want loving, sensual and comfortable sex, something that makes them feel how much their partners really love them.

  • June

They love trying out new positions and are the masters of dirty talk while sex and can also indulge in phone-sex if you want!

  • July

They are more of the emotional mess when it comes to sex. They have to really feel strongly for their partners before they commit for sex.

  • August

Either extremely selfish or extremely generous, their egos can be really hurt if you try to lead in bed.

  • September

They are passionate but they have good control on themselves. They have to feel the emotions before committing to sex.

  • October

They love to experience the whole thing slowly. They love foreplay and would love if you take it real slow and feel everything.

  • November

They are extremely passionate and have to be really there in the moment for the whole lovemaking session.

  • December

They are creative and are really into a lot of role-playing!

This is the way your Birth month reveal sex life – So, this was all about your birth date and the kind of person you are on bed too kinky or over passionate, check yours and your partners too!

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