The Impact Of Social Media On Christmas And New Year Celebrations

Technology has made our lives easier. However, it has also created a gap between family members. We discuss how social media has changed the way people celebrate Christmas and New Year.

With the advent of advanced technology, the life of the tech-savvy youth of today rotates around his or her social media account, as well as Smartphone, and other gadgets.  

People today spend more time with these devices, instead of their family.

Festivals, including Christmas and New Year Celebrations, are no exception.

Christmas and New Year festivities for the youth of today include partying with friends and updating their social media accounts. The traditional way of commemorating these festivals is gradually fading away.

We discuss how social media has changed the way people celebrate Christmas and New Year.

1)  Decorating Cover Pages Instead of their Homes:

People believe in decorating the cover pages of Facebook rather than their own house. Earlier festivals meant spending quality time with one’s family, adorning their homes, calling over relatives, and having a good sumptuous meal. But, today, it is all about visiting a restaurant or Pub, or keeping oneself busy with a Smartphone.



2)  Sending Wishes:

Our parents and grandparents used to send personalized greetings to their loved ones. They used telegrams, letters, greeting cards, and post cards to convey their best wishes to their friends and relatives. But today, thanks to social media, people send out one common message to all their contacts, through Facebook, Twitter, and more.



3)  Framing Photographs:

Gone are the days when families clicked pictures on special festivals, to get them framed or to add them to the family album. Today, people click dozens of snaps with their Smartphone and within minutes these get uploaded on social media sites, such as Instagram. In fact, people click pictures just to flaunt to the world. It is more about showing it off, rather than celebrating and enjoying the essence of the special day.



4)  Making a Wish List:

As kids we wrote our wish list on a piece of paper so that Santa Claus would fulfil them. Social Media is the new Santa Claus today! People post their wishes on their page for the world to see. It is more of a hint for their contacts who usually present them with gifts each year!


Festivals are losing their main purpose, the purpose to get the family together. We cannot blame technology for this. Though, it is the reason for distraction, but it has multiple advantages, which cannot be overlooked. Hence, it is on the user to make use of technology and not get used by it.

This New Year, take out time for your family and friends, instead of your social media account!

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