Top 5 Free Android Apps That Will Save You Time

Time is a crucial element in our lives. How about using free Android apps to better utilize it for our good?

Android handheld devices are a common phenomenon nowadays. These can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. But you need time saving android apps that would help you to save time and energy while you are caught up in your busy life. 

Since its introduction, Android has kept improving with fresh updates – new functionality and more useful features. With new features introduced, it becomes all the more imperative that you have the latest apps on your Android devices so that your work becomes smooth. 

There are free and time saving Android apps designed specially to make life simple for users; so that they can save time. Here’s a list of top 5 free Android apps that will save your time. 

1Tap Cleaner 

Are you searching for an app that will take work as a Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner, Call or text Cleaner and Default Cleaner? Then 1Tap Cleaner is the perfect handy tool that you need. 

With the help of this free Android app you can easily clear all the cached files with just a single tap to get more and more space on your device. It is easy to install and it shows you the total number of apps installed and the total size of cache used by the apps. When your devices are free of cached and junk files, they work faster and save your time. This is one of those must-have apps required for a speedy and efficient device. 

X-plore File Manager 

Android devices with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean do not have a file manager yet. For such handheld devices this X-plore file manager is just perfect. X-plore File Manager is one of the best in this review Best Free File Manager for Android. This app acts as a dual pane file manager with tree view. This will allow you to transfer the files easily between folders on your device. You can use this app to rename, copy, move, delete, create zip and show details about the files. 


Ifttt, which stands for “if this then that,” is a time saving app that you can download freely on your Android devices. You can sync your choice of apps with the help of Ifttt. So tweet and update your FB profile simultaneously by using this app. It’s a great way to save your precious time. 


This is one of the most popular productive apps for your Android devices. Owing to its easy-to-use functionality and ability to organize almost anything, it has become popular with the users. You can sync this app across all devices – your laptops to smartphones. You can create to-do lists, reminders, etc. with this. However, you might have to shell from your pocket to upgrade it. 


This app helps you to store an interesting news article when you do not have adequate time to complete reading it. This app even remembers where you had left and offers you to continue from the same place. You can also download a saved item for offline reading.


If you are aware of any other free Android App That can save you time, please share with us.


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