Ten Desirable Traits In Men That Make Them Hot AF

desirable traits in men

The desirable traits in men – Being sexy largely depends on various aspects, in real. It is also to be noted that the man being sexy keeps on changing with the changing trends, too.

Trust me on this. Most of us find men with well-built abs and body to be sexy and hot. But,not all the men out there with abs are interesting and sexy. They are some that are boring and thrive to be sexy. Though looking sexy or being sexy is said to depend on the eyes of the beholders, yet they are few traits that really makes a man hot AF.

And for all those men that are looking out for something like this – check out here the different desirable traits in men.

The desirable traits in men 

  1. Physical things count

They are many things that include the physical aspects, like the dress up, smile, eyes, charm. Yes, the very first thing that comes into notice is the way a person dresses up – be it men or woman. And women find men that dress up well sexy and hot AF.

  1. Dedication levels toward fitness

The men that are muscular and well into fitness of the body are known to take good care of himself and his health – that woman find it hot. So, the men that work out regular are said to be energetic and lively always and sexy too.

desirable traits in men

  1. When he smells good

This is an aspect that counts under the personal care of a man. The men that smells good are often liked much by woman. A man which great manly scents or the smell, drives the woman crazy always.

desirable traits in men

  1. Communication skills

Communicating in the right way is the key.A man when into a conversation that takes up being an emotional one, his care and affection towards the other person makes him special one. And effectively communicating things is too sexy.

  1. The ambitious one

Imagine a man that is super handsome also being ambitious. That’s super cool and interest the people around. He may actually bemiles away from achieving the goal, but still being ambitious is sexy.

  1. Talented

Who doesn’t like the talented one?! Well, the answer is – everyone loves. They are lot of girls that find men playing her favorite music to be hot and sexy. This doesn’t confine to music alone, but also sports, business and other things.

desirable traits in men

  1. Honesty

The men that are honest are always interesting and hot. This could be because they speak truth, just truth and nothing else.

desirable traits in men

  1. Mysterious men

They are lot of people that feel that mysterious men have great depths of things that they conceal towards the surface.

  1. Power oriented

Most women like men that are powerful and those that make good use of the power. Women find such men very hot.

  1. The affectionate ones

Women fall for men that are quite affectionate towards them and the ones that care for their well-being.They find is cute and sexy when men shower their affection.

desirable traits in men

So, these are some desirable traits in men that make them hot AF. And sometime its just not about the looks, but in fact larger than that. This is just because, they are some handsome men that are not hot and too boring. The possible reason for that is that they fail in carrying themselves well and end up remaining boring ones. Hope this helped a lot of men that have been looking for way that make them interesting and hot AF, too.

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