Can you handle a long distance relationship?

How to work on a long distance relationship? Is it for you? Read on to find out more…

LDR or Long Distance Relationship is one of the most testing, yet exciting phases of a couple’s life. While you get ample space and freedom to do what you want, you end up missing out on a lot of day to day stuff. There are a very few people who can handle this sort of a relationship as it takes your everything and more to keep the spark alive. Are you made for this? Read on:

Fights don’t get resolved:
Since you’re cities, states or countries apart, the chances of resolving a fight becomes nil. After a huge row, it’s always advisable to meet him/her in person and sort it out as phones, Skype and chat platforms are too impersonal and cold.

Communication lag:
There are many people, especially guys, who don’t like talking on the phone for a long haul. Well, then LDR isn’t for you. The next best thing other than meeting your partner is the phone, and if you can’t take out half hour in a day to converse with them, this relationship isn’t worth pursuing.

Very few dates:
You’ll obviously miss out on each other’s important days, occasions and celebrations and there won’t many dates either. Because you end up doing all those cool things with your bestie instead of you guy/girl, you’re practically single. While technically, you’re committed. Whoa!

Insecurities come in:
This is an obvious one, isn’t it. You won’t know what your partner is up to and that can really mess with your mind. What if he/she is getting closer to a colleague, neighbour or friend, what if he/she cheats on me and so on are some of the most valid questions that couple in LDR have.

Physical blow:
Let’s face it. Love is made up of lust too. If you don’t meet your partner for a long time, you forget their touch, kiss and the way they hold you. You can’t recollect how her hair smells, you don’t know what his cologne is and you certainly don’t know if you’re physically compatible after staying away for so long.

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