Richa Chadda Detained At Delhi Airport: Being Sexy Is A Crime?

Richa Chadda detained at Delhi airport over a suspicious powder found in her possession. After a two-hour interrogation officials were convinced that it was nothing but her Ayurvedic supplements.

In case of Richa Chadda, being hot and sexy is definitely a crime, but thankfully she is not punished for that!

This morning the epitome of raw sexuality, who else but our Richa, was returning to Mumbai when some suspicious officials at the Delhi airport detained her. Her crime: Possession of a suspicious looking powder! Now what were those officials thinking? What else did they expect to find in a lady’s luggage except for items of cosmetic importance like lipstick, mascara, foundation, concealer, powder etc.? Silly guys!

Now an actress of the caliber of Richa has to take care of her looks and beauty. After giving superlative performances in movies like Oye Lucky Lucky Oye! and Gangs of Wasseypur, she has suddenly become hot property in Bollywood. When one becomes so big and has to rub shoulders with the who’s who of industry, one has to focus more on the outside beauty than the talent which is hidden deep inside. That is what Richa is also doing these days and for the exact same purpose she is using Ayurvedic products. This “powder” is part of a skin-care regimen specially prepared by her ved. At last, someone is using and promoting our desi products!


However, the officials at the airport seem to be really slow in grasping things. It took almost two hours for Richa to convince them that the powder is not related with drugs, but is actually a silly product derived from trees in our fast-depleting forests and is useful for only surface-level beauty! Unlike them, she does have brains so no medicine for that!

On another thought, were these officials really smart and were just trying to spend some time with the hottie? After all, given their job profile, they would hardly be getting any female company. So, they must have thought, it is a dull morning, let us make it exciting and to fulfill their desires of some action in life, Richa Chadda entered the airport! Perfect setting na? Okay, this seems too far-fetched, but always a possibility? Come on!

Anyways, Richa seemed cool with this whole “powder affair” and in fact was praising the officials for doing their job with so much of sincerity that she actually felt good in co-operating with them. Now that is one sensible citizen who despite being a part of VIP brigade didn’t throw her weight around. Guess this is what makes her special and gifted with not only brains and gorgeous beauty, but also a sensitive heart!

Well, all’s well that ends well.

We really hope more and more people use Ayurvedic products, more trees are planted and blah blah.. Okay, enough of our gyan, all we want to say is that there should be more awareness about Ayurveda and its products so that these silly incidents are not repeated.

Now go ahead and enjoy Richa’s movies.

Her beauty is intact and sex-appeal, one notch higher!

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