These Indian Temples Are A Home For Spirits And A Cure To Pull-Off The Evil Spirit

Temples that are home to pull off evils

Temples that are home to pull off evils – Exorcism, chasing away evil spirits from people or freeing possessed people is one of the most common practices in India.

There are a lot of shrines that have a godly aura powerful enough to conduct such activities and obviously specialized priests and people who have the exact tactics and fearlessness to make such processes happen. India is a land of god and demon, good and bad, positive and negative and so on. People from all over the world come to India to look at all of these things at a more magnified level which never fails to astonish them.

We being Indian don’t know the places which can put people in the state of shock to be honest. Here are some of the places in India, basically temples, which are said to be conducting exorcism in a live and free environment.

So here is the proof that in India, angelic and demonic constituents can exist together.

Temples that are home to pull off evils –

  1. Mahendipur Balaji, Rajasthan: This templein Rajasthan is one of the top temples where exorcism takes place live in front of people. Possessed people are said to be hanging from the tree trunks, chained, shouting, screaming and warning the almighty. These possessed people are brought to this temple to get rid of the evil spirit that is declaimed to be there in their bodies.

  1. Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi: This dargah in Delhi is a long worshipped spot for both Hindus and Muslims and people go there for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is getting away from the evil spirits. There is one particular room in the dargah which is said to screams and yells coming out of it, people practice exorcism there as it is said.

  1. Dattatreya Temple, Gangapur: This temple is located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. This temple like the others is known for exorcism and taking negative spirits away from the people’s body. Possessed people are brought here and it is said that they climb up the walls and pillars just to abuse God which is eventually treated by special priests of the temple.

  1. Devji Maharaj Mandir, Madhya Pradesh: Possessed people are brought to this temple quite often and it is said that women light camphor on their palms and pray to the God to keep evil spirits away from them and their families. This is especially done by people who bring their possessed close ones to get them treated here. This temple is basically known for exorcism.

  1. Shri Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir, Gujarat: The priest here is known to torture the evil spirits caught in people’s body and pull them out of them. Most of the time women are treated there after the priest thrashes the evil spirits trapped in them and order it to leave them alone by pulling a woman’s hair, pushing her, scolding her etc. a lot of people come here each-day to get rid of their problems.

These are the temples that are home to pull off evils where the greatest positivity of the world fight the doomed negativity with the help of the almighty. Such a rare combination of good and bad is surely to be found only in India and nowhere else. Isn’t it?

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