Shaadi Ka Laddoo – The Struggles That Befall On You After Your Best Friend’s Marriage

Problems you face when your friend gets married – Every person expresses their best support when their best friend gets married. But are you aware that their marriage brings a lot of struggles on you?

We all have at least one #BFF. They are the person with whom we share all our secrets, joys and sorrows.

They will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Really? Well, we have our doubts.

There will come a day when our best friend will get married and the Great Divide will befall on us.

With #marriage comes responsibilities and that changes a person’s priorities.

If you have been your friend’s priority till date, it will change when they get married; a harsh fact, but it will happen.

These are the changes that will transpire in your life when the ‘event’ transpires.

This one’s an obvious one, but they will have less time for you. They will want to spend a considerable amount of time with their better half, which is one of the vows that most couples make even before they get married.


There was a time when they would be alongside you in the middle of the night offering assistance. After marriage, they would be busy for you even at twelve in the noon on a Sunday.


Even if you manage to get a date fixed for an outing with them, they will not arrive alone. They will have their spouse with them. This would rid you of the liberty you had while speaking with your once single best friend.


The next challenge is to get along with their better half. What if you cannot accomplish this task? Is it friendship over? What would you do without your best friend in life?


When you meet them, all the funny talks tend to take a backseat and the serious ones take the centre stage. This realisation itself is disappointing; imagine going through it personally.


The married couple also sees it as their responsibility to get the single ones married. Oh shut up! Leave me alone.


Nevertheless, you try to make small efforts, for you know that when you get hitched, you will have someone who is as happy for you as you were for them.


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