Hilarious Pictures of Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

If someone loathes her own looks and wants to go Fancy Nancy from plain Jane, plastic surgery is the best way to achieve that.

Not everyone have courage for going under the knife and some people have even ended up in quandary after their plastic surgeries have gone totally wrong.

Plastic surgery demands a lot of money of you so being led astray by the surgeon is heart-breaking forget lacerating at the pocket.  But when a plastic surgery changes the whole geography of your face, it really induces laughter.

So, here are some of such pictures of plastic surgeries going wrong.

1. Dolly Patron:

Dolly Patron looks so plastic after going under the knife. He lips look totally fake and one can easily spot that she has opted for a surgery. A deformed plastic doll, that’s what she looks like now.

2. Joan Rivers:

Joan Rivers opted for a facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery which has gone absolutely wrong. She however made no apologies for the same whilst her surgery has gone overboard. Do we seem to care?

3. Donatella Vesace:

The heightened upper lip looks fake to the power infinity. The lower lip is not in sync with the upper lip which makes her face look uglier. The skin too looks waxy. Hers was the perfect example of how ugly can one look when a plastic surgery goes wrong.

4. Michael Jackson:

His plastic surgery blunders have always been a point of discussion. Ranging from his chin implant to lip augmentation and some other attempts to look different which led his body into a dismorphic disorder.


5. Jocelyn Wildenstein:

Staunchly called the ‘Lion woman of New York’, has gone through more than one plastic surgeries to misled attempt to win back her husband. She opted for a brow lift, face lift, lip plumping, fat grafting and chin implants which made her even uglier.

6. Mickey Rourke:

He seems like having been gone through a facelift and upper eyelid lift besides hair transplants no matter if it cost him sideburns.

7. Priscilla Presley:

She opted for silicone injections in her cheeks but the doctor turned out to be a fraudulent one. This caused a puffy face and the waxy look is also the result of the same. There are also telltale signs that her face is a combination of repeated laser treatments and botox.

8. Carrot Top plastic surgery:

His face is appearing more muscular every day and he is undergoing repetitive changes every day. His excessively arched brows and smooth face drops hints at the possible laser treatments.

So, these are hilarious results of plastic surgeries gone wrong. Why people can’t be happy with what they got in the first place?

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