Guys, Where You At? Male Redditors Are Helping Other Guys By Sharing Tips On “How To Be A Good BF?”!

Tips On How To Be A Good BF

Tips On How To Be A Good BF – Guys, do you want to know “how to be a good BF so that your GF feels that she’s a lucky person to have YOU as her soulmate? Guess what? You’re reading the right article. Look, recently, I stumbled upon a Reddit question asked by a male Redditor, he asked “As a guy, what are some tips and tricks we should know to put us over the top as a BF”?! Now, several male Redditors helped their male friends and the answers (I guess) will help you too.

You might be doing many of the things mentioned in their answers, and that is certainly good for you. But, just in case, you’re NOT, then start doing it (if you want to)

Here we go – (Tips On How To Be A Good BF)

  1. The little things that you did to make us like you keep doing them throughout our relationship. If you kiss her/his forehead right before you guys depart, keep that shit up. It’s not only cute, but it shows that you still have the same feelings for your SO as you did when y’all first met.
  2. Being emotionally available even when your life is stressful.
  3. Buy her flowers for no reason and write her sticky notes about why you like her or wishing her a good day and put them in places for her to find.
  4. Be there for her, but not always as an advice giver. Make it clear that she is free to tell you anything; complain about her friends, coworkers, family, work, anything at all, and that if she wants advice you will always do your best to give one.
  5. Make her laugh the hardest. (Best thing to do)
  6. Get really good at sex. Learn what kinks she’s into and do it. Or at least try. If it’s not within your capabilities or you feel gross about it, move on. No one should have to hide their sexual interests when there is always someone out there who’s into the same things. From personal experience, a sexually satisfied girl won’t want to cheat.
  7. Honesty.
  8. Tell her about her good qualities and how she makes you feel every day.

Guys, click here to read some more answers.

These were the tips on how to be a good BF.  – Also, guys, do you have anything to add? Girls, would you like to tell guys what makes you feel special and happy? Leave a comment below.

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