Forget PeeCee, Bollywood’s best mujras are here!

After her failed efforts at attempting mujra, we want to remind you of Bollywood’s most authentic mujras till date

With Priyanka Chopra’s so called contemporary mujra failing at the expectations of almost every Bollywood fan, the world has started judging our capabilities to compose and choreograph authentic mujras. The art, which was once a customary in and after the Mughal era, is still practiced in some parts of Purani Dilli, Benaras, Calcutta, Lucknow and Hyderabad, albeit not so rampantly. So, before people start lambasting our talent because of one lame item song claiming to be even closer to the art, let me refresh your memory with some of the best mujras of Bollywood down the years. 

  1. Dil cheez kya hai:
    Rekha, the seductress met Umrao Jaan and translated Khayyam’s soulful words through her delicate haaw-bhaav with utmost dignity and grace.

  2. Chalte chalte:
    This mujra is a masterpiece from Pakeezah, where Kaifi Azmi’s shayari finds perfect solace in Meena Kumari’s ethereal looks and subtle hand movements.

  3. Inhi logon ne:
    Another gem from Pakeezah, this mujra saw a different side of tragedy queen, Meena Kumari. The typical ched-chaad mujra is based on thumri, with the enticing dance moves by the beautiful Sahibjaan.

  4. Pyaar kiya to darna kya:
    When beautiful Madhubala affirmed her love for Salim as fearless Anarkali, with defiance in her dance, in Akbar’s court the entire Sheeshmahal echoed along.

  5. In ankhon ki masti ke:
    Rekha by far has been the best performers of Bollywood mujras. In this song, the seductress leaves no options for her admirers but to fall for her. let her eyes do the talking while you get lost in the depth.

  6. Dhai Shyaam:
    This song was nothing less than ‘Poetry in Motion’. Madhuri Dixit’s magical moves complimented Pt. Birju Maraja’s choreography took art to another level.

  1. Maar daala:
    What happens when dejected Chandramukhi sings her pain out… Devdas falls for her charm. After a graceful ‘Dhai Shyam’, Madhuri bewitched her admirers with her charisma and pulled them deep into her web of seduction.

  2. Kajrare:
    Some might prefer to call it an item number, but Aishwarya’s performance in Kajrare was not only graceful to the standards of a mujra, but also aesthetically choreographed by Vaibhavi merchant. With the mention of Purani Dilli, Ballimaran and Dariba, it passes out as a great Mujra

  1. Dil mera muft ka:
    Talk about contemporary mujra and the song that tops the charts is none other than Kareena Kapoor’s performance in  Dil mera muft ka. The actress, who swears by her two left feet, surprised her with her latka-jhatla’s along with poised moves and seductive expressions courtesy Saroj Khan

But the tenth position in this list is still waiting for a brilliant contemporary mujra to fill it in. Let’s see which Bollywood mujra finds it’s rightful place in this list!





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