The People Who SELF HARM Want To Tell You This And You Must Listen


Self-harm, depression, anxiety etc. are one of the most underrated problems which need the maximum attention and help. Most of the people in India have an unclear conception about the same and hence, they head-on to not paying much heed to it.

self-harm is very hurtful to see people suffering because of all this and the worst part is that it’s all happening on the inside. Self-harm is basically one way of people who are not broken enough to suicide and not strong enough to fight with their troubles as a result they take out their frustrations, tensions and anxiety on themselves.


Here are some people who want to tell you; what’s it like to be a sufferer of self-harm. You need to pay attention to it:

  1. “Self harm is something people don’t do for attention, they in fact, try to keep it hidden as they are too secretive or tired to tell people about their sufferings and problems. It’s a clear indication that they are terribly troubled”.
  2. “At times people do want people to notice that they are self-harming and that’s because they are in a bad need of being listened to. They want people to see what they’re going through and help them out of the mess they are dealing with”.
  3. “Self-harm is not just a word given to cutting your skin, it’s much beyond that. Self-harm means hurting your own self through any means on purpose. A person who self-harms is very much aware about their condition”.
  4. “Self-harm is not a way to fight depression, it’s a complete mixture of a lot of mental turbulences which include experiences of mental illness, trauma, abuse, anxiety and much more”.
  5. “Self-harm does not mean that the person is suicidal. Even though they might get suicidal eventually they feel lighter and much relaxed after hurting themselves which is extremely harmful for their bodies as well as their minds and life”.
  6. “Most of the time the person gives themselves that amount of hurt which they can control and tolerate. People get stopped by their reflexes of baring pain”.
  7. “Self-harming get people addicted to it by providing them an overwhelming relief and relaxation which those people actually crave for. They get people habitual of it while for others it provides physically manifesting the emotional pain they are dealing with”.
  8. “Not only teenagers deal with self-harming, a lot of adults are into self-harming as well. People might act absolutely normal while covering their scars from the world”.
  9. “Self-harming is very addictive and it’s just not easy for people to stop doing it. It takes a lot of courage, strength and will to stop self-harming”.
  10. “It’s not necessary that people self-harm only when they are sad, depressed, anxious or tensed. A person who is absolutely happy and cheerful might self-harm just out of habit and addiction”.
  11. “Never ask someone about their scars. Don’t ask the reason, cause, procedure or anything related to their scars. Just try comforting them and stop digging into the matter unless they open-up to you themselves”.
  12. “Never ever try to joke around on the topic of self-harm, not even in your private circle. If you are actually worried about someone who self-harms them ask about their agony privately and not act as a social-activist pulling out people from their trauma”.
  13. “People who are addicted to self-harming might anger you somehow as you cannot relate to their problem but then, you cannot make its consequences understood to them just like that. You need to hold your calm and make it understood to them. It’s a slow process and takes a lot of time”.
  14. “It’s not always necessary for you to react in a hap-hazard manner when someone self-harms. At times the only thing which is needed is listening to them without judging them, without explaining things to them. Just listen to them”.
  15. “People who self-harm or have self-harmed are not weak. They are in a continuous process of betterment and improvement. They are fighting a hard battle with themselves and the other destructive personality inside them. Don’t make it hard for them”.

These are the 15 things that people who self-harm want to tell you. It’s very important for you to take note of all this no matter if you have people like that near you or no. You SHOULD just know about this!

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