Mallika Sherawat is Going Places! She is Now The International Home Breaker!

This article talks about the divorce of Hollywood big-shot, Antonio Banderas and the reason cited being, his affair with Mallika Sherawat. Even though Mallika has denied it, but there can’t be smoke without fire!

Is it a rumor or for real?

We are not sure because Mallika Sherawat is known to spice up even non-existing news to get some cheap publicity for her almost extinct career!

This time she has made her PR machinery work over-time to be embroiled in an international controversy, that too of being a home-breaker. Hollywood heartthrob and an A-lister, Antonio Banderas recently announced his divorce from his wife of eighteen years, Melanie Griffith!

Since then, Mallika is making headlines everywhere as the reason behind the split.

Can there be any truth in this?

The once-upon-a-time kissing queen has a habit of making hill out of a mole!

Even though her Hollywood career never took off or for that matter wasn’t of any consequence, she kept shouting from the rooftops about her friendships with Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek. It was during one of her big attention grabbing stunts that a video was leaked where she was seen dancing seductively with handsome hunk Antonio Banderas in a party in 2012. At that time it created lot of hype and Mallika never denied or confirmed her public display of affection as something brewing between the two of them. Now the same video is again making the rounds, but this time as an accusation that things started going downhill for Antonio only after this video. There is also news of Antonio in love with Mallika and both of them spending quality time during a European vacation spent together.

No one knows the real truth, but Mallika is hogging all the limelight. She even issued a statement to E! News denying the whole affair. She said, ‘AntonioBanderas is a wonderful man, a great dancer, and an acquaintance of mine. I did not go on any vacation with him, and I’m sorry he’s going through a divorce.’ What a beautiful show of empathy, right?

Somehow it looks like that there is more to it than what meets the eye. Mallika’s career is heading nowhere, she badly needs work and no one really wants her. In such a scenario, what is one supposed to do? Either create a controversy or divert a totally un-related controversy in your direction to make gains out of it. This precisely could be the reason for even her alleged ex-stylist, Ivan Bitton to give a statement mentioning that Banderas ‘had a lot of public affection for Mallika’!

We think Antonio Banderas has a real good taste in women and choosing Mallika as his future life-partner could be a global catastrophe!

But if there is any truth in all this, our heartfelt sympathies to Antonio!

As far as Mallika is concerned, darling, try to learn acting on a film set rather then off it by creating such horrendous horrible scandals to uplift your career!

It might not help though, but still!  

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