Misconceptions of college life, courtesy Bollywood

There are no song and dance rituals, and larger-than-life competitions…


As a kid, I had an urgency to quickly grow up and go to college because it seemed so much cool and fun. I could sing in between the classes, dance in the corridors, wear makeup and the best of my dresses and there was no need to slog myself to first study in the classroom and then complete homework after reaching home. And there was absolutely no need to go to college to study because it was a fun place where students invariably spent all their time either in the canteen or roaming around in the city. All thanks to Bollywood and the unrealistic but dreamy portrayal of college life in its movies. Here are a few popular misconceptions that quite a lot of our Hindi movies have widely spread…  


  1. There is always one heartthrob and the rest of the guys are not even worth looking at.
  2. The heartthrob also happens to be the coolest and most talented guy in the campus who can sing like Sonu Nigam, dance like Hrithik Roshan, fight like Akshay Kumar and drive like Michael Schumacher. 
  3. Our guy in question comes either from a very modest background or has a filthy rich dad whose ideologies don’t match with him.
  4. There is one inter-college, magnanimous competition, winning which is no less a victory than winning the president’s elections in the US.


  5. Needless to say, our heartthrob wins it and if he doesn’t, it is because some big shot bad guy has bribed the jury members to choose his son as the winner.
  6. It is always a man winning all the competitions and never a woman because she is always too busy in dressing up.
  7. Our coolest guy falls in love with the new hottest chic on the block and they turn out to be nothing short of playback singers who can improvise lyrics and music.
  8. The lovebirds have the freedom to sing anytime and anywhere they wish – in between lectures, in the basketball court, in the corridors or while eating in the canteen. All the other friends also join in and all their steps match while dancing.
  9. The baddie in the campus also falls for the same chick and then there are gun fights.
  10. There are only two important people in the entire college – our heartthrob and the baddie who also likes the hottest chic. Gun fights soon follow.


  11. There is only one good professor who actually understands his students, is like a friend to them and wants them to learn out of textbooks. He goes out of way to help his students.
  12. Anyone hardly seems to be studying and there is always a song and dance environment in the college.

  13. There is a stereotypical nerd who is the only guy studying in college and can’t even comb his hair properly and turn out like a normal person.
  14. The girls dress up as if they are going for a party.
  15. And sadly, it all ends like this without any clue of ground reality, or anything normal people like us who go to college to study, can relate to.




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