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Guide for Live Cricket odds for cricket betting

Most often in cricket betting, bettors like to use the live mode. This is because it is a very dynamic game and some matches can last for several hours. Because of the general popularity, many bookmakers provide the best cricket betting odds in live mode. Thus it becomes not only convenient but also profitable. Therefore, it is very important to choose a bookmaker that has many markets and good coefficients. In this article on sportscafe.in you can learn a lot of useful information about live cricket odds. This will give you a much better understanding and insight into this topic.

What is a bookmaker’s coefficients?

The cricket betting odds show the probability of a particular outcome of an event, only from the bookmaker’s point of view. If the game is predictable, the coefficients on the favorite will be low, respectively, and the winnings are small. The lower the probability of the event (for example, betting on the outsider), the higher the offered odds will be. It should be understood that the risk here will be very high.

Types of cricket live odds

Today, there are three most common types of ratios. You can find them in many bookmaker companies. Many sites also offer a choice of online cricket betting odds:

  • Decimal (European); 
  • English (fractional);
  • American (it can be both positive and negative).

Initially, just by their names alone, you can, in principle, understand a lot. The first type is most common in Europe. The second is used in the UK. And the third is in the United States. Below you can also read more in detail about each of them. 

Decimal coefficients

Decimal (or European) coefficients are the most popular and understandable type for European users. They are usually written in integer format with the usual fractions: e.g. 1.3, 2.45, etc. The smaller the coefficients, the higher the probability of the outcome. The lower the odds, the higher the probability of the outcome.

Fractional odds

UK bookmakers most often use British odds. They are written as a simple fraction: 1/7, 5/2, 3/10. British coefficients show the ratio of the amount of net win to the size of the bet.

American format

American odds are written as a whole number with a plus or minus sign, e.g. +200, -790. An indicator of the state of your favorite team or athlete is a “-” sign. Perhaps this is the most confusing thing about the format of calculating the coefficients. American odds are not popular with legal bookmakers. Although, with a great desire, users can, of course, switch to this format.

Forming live cricket betting odds

In order to set the coefficients correctly so that everyone is on the plus side, the bookmaker performs several actions. The creation of odds is as follows:

  • First, analysts provide the office with information about the probability of events. In their assessments, they rely on many factors (motivation of teams, lineups, injuries, statistics, etc.);
  • Adding margins. Once the bookmakers have received the report, they translate the percentage probability of the outcome into a quote. And at the end they add the profit percentage;
  • Comparing the quotes with other bookmakers. This is done in order to avoid the appearance of the so-called feint;
  • Adjusting the quotes during the match. Bookmakers do this for various reasons. It can be injuries, weather changes, viral infection in the team, slippage and much more.

In general, this is the principle behind the odds on various events. That is why they can change at the very last moment. This is a plus for fans of live cricket betting.

Bookmakers with the best betting odds cricket

As you have already realized, the coefficients are very important. The size of your winnings depends on them. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good bookmaker. You can find it by simply looking at the average odds of past cricket matches. This list includes the top 5 best bookmakers. For the most part, they are the ones that have the most favorable coefficients for cricket in India:

  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • Betway;
  • 1Win;
  • Dafabet.

All these companies have shown a good level of odds at past cricket tournaments and matches. These bookmakers provide a good spread on many events in sports. This is a great opportunity for every bettor to earn maximum. 


What type of odds is the most convenient in live cricket betting?

All types of coefficients are as informative and clear as possible. Each bettor should decide for himself.

Which bookmaker companies have the best odds for live cricket?

You should pay attention to the popular brands. For example, Parimatch, 1Win, Dafabet and others.

Is it possible to know the odds for a match in advance?

Odds are calculated both before and during the match. Bookmakers can change their quotes depending on the situation on the field.
Source: https://sportscafe.in/cricket/odds

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