These Women Reveal Stupid Things They Do When They Are Drunk Too Much!

When women get drunk

When women get drunk – We often see today’s trendy women getting drunk.

We see some happy ones, some contended, some emotional, some extrovert, and some angry.

They get drunk and freaks out to their best. We also see that some dance, sing, cry, laugh, and some napping at every random place, coz they are drunk badly. And here we have some women revealing stupid things they actually do when they are drunk too much.

When women get drunk

  1. Freaks out

We get to see many women freaking out when they are drunk too much.

  1. Speaks her heart out

Women also speak a lot when they are drunk. I speak a lot telling out secrets that I would otherwise never talk. Say’s a random woman.

  1. Stalk her ex’s Instagram

A woman reveals, she would do so. She opens her ex’s profile over Instagram and start cursing the time for not being the same good. She would sometimes even regret of letting him go.

  1. FaceTime bestie

A woman reveals that She would love to talk to her bestie. But what can be done if the bestie was not with her at the point. She FaceTime’s her, no matter about the part of the day 😉 Talk about every random thing =D

  1. Write up a poetry and think it to be just fantastic

Haha!! Women even writes up poetry and reads it aloud and applauds for herself 😉 She all of a sudden becomes a great poet. Wahaa

  1. Eat too much.

Yes, I eat a lot and lots of my favourite foods and would love to have more when im drunk reveals a woman.

  1. Camera roll.

Look at pictures when she was in love, and totally pretend of not missing it.

Open’s up the pictures that were taken when she was in relation back then. Pretend of not at all missing, but actually misses and loves to watch them.

  1. Start texting first love

One woman says she would love to text her first love. She then in that state has got all the might to text him and talk to him.

  1. Like his pictures on Instagram

She in a mood of swing, even does liking all, trust me all the pictures of her first love. Later on, realises it and starts un-liking it. Prays hard for he should not notice it. 😉

10. Nap at every random place

When I am drunk too much, I tend to take a nap at every random place. And this is       just because of those extra shots 😉 thanks o my friends who help me says a woman!

This is what happens when women get drunk – So, these were some of the funny stupid things, women tend to do when they are drunk too much..!!

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