15 People Revealed How They Found Out They’re Not Their Parent’s Favorite Child – It’s Relatable!

Parents Have A Favourite Child

Parents Have A Favourite Child – According to the science, it is true that parents really have a favourite child.

No matter what; whenever we ask our parents about it, they’re quick to answer “I love both my children equally”. But deep inside, you know that they’re just making stories. I’m not saying that they don’t love you at-all, they do love you endlessly.

Parents Have A Favourite Child –

But, it’s just that, sometimes they do something and we feel that maybe the love is less.

Recently, on Reddit, a question was asked “If you’re not the favorite child, how did you find out?” Here’s what they answered – I think, some answers will be relatable. (Obviously, these answers doesn’t belong to people who are the only child of their parents)

Parents Have A Favourite Child – 

  1. I was 20 and they went on a “family vacation” to the beach for a week and didn’t tell me. I found out 2 years later when they put up a picture collage on the wall and one of the photos was the 4 of them at the beach. I said “When did you guys go to the beach?” Everyone was silent…
  2. My dad has 4 kids, myself included, and we all know my one brother is the favourite because my dad always has this weird martyr shit for the “under dog”. He can do no wrong, any mistake he makes is him learning a life lesson and whenever he needed anything, he’s got it without question. My dad would complain till the end of time how he was “forced” to pay for my college as a stipulation in my parent’s divorce but he gave my brother $10K no problem and when he fucked up the business, my dad helped him get back on his feet and cosigned for his house.
  3. Pop kept telling that the wrong kid died.
  4. When I begged for school books, I was met with, “we don’t have any money.”… A day later my brother got a ps2.
  5. My sister’s nickname was “the dream child.” I shit you not. As in, the child that everyone dreams of having.
  6. My mom stopped doing anything for me at 18. She told me to make sure to drop all the college classes I was enrolled into because she wasn’t going to spot me any money before Financial Aid came through. My younger sister however, got her BA and our mom cosigned to get her school loans, helped her move out of state to go to the school she wanted, has her on her bank account still (at 24) and she’s loved at home ever since she graduated. Yep.
  7. Didn’t need to be told. Always knew my mom doesn’t like me.
  8. They gave their Netflix password to my sister, but not to me.
  9. My sister get 100€ for Christmas and 100€ for her birthday. I get 100€ for my birthday and Christmas. When my sister needed to repeat to get her baccalaureate (we’re French), she got all the encouragement. It was also said that whoever graded it had an obvious bias against my sister. (Impossible, because anonymous grading). They then throw a party when she was barely passed on the second try. When I got mine on the first try and with honors, I was scolded because it wasn’t the highest honor.
  10. When my mum ranked us in terms of how similar we are to our dad, a man she divorced and constantly speaks negatively of, and I was ranked as closest to him.
  11. I’m just the twin my mom has “expectations” for.
  12. By process of elimination, it can’t be me. I’m not the oldest (my sister) or the youngest (my brother). That leaves me and my younger sister. But she goes out, has fun, doesn’t make mistakes, and always knows what she’s doing. I sit in my room, I’m failing school, I picked subjects for GCSEs that I’m regretting. I’m also the spitting image of my dad, who my mum hates.
  13. My sister gets away with everything.
  14. Got disowned.
  15. When I was told to solve all my problems myself, but the rest of my siblings are babied and sheltered.

Parents Have A Favourite Child- So, what is your story?

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