Oh! The Dazzling Solitaire! How The Engagement Ring Changes Your Life

How life changes after engagement – Already experiencing the sleepless nights and nervous jitters about how your life is going to change after marriage? You can see the changes in your life in the way your friends tease you now.

Got engaged recently?

Well, as you smile at the engagement ring, your life is taking a 180 degree turn and you may not even know when your priorities change and even the people around you modify their outlook towards you.

Check the number of phone calls you receive on a single day post engagement and you will understand what I mean.


Here are a few changes that are bound to take you for a roller-coaster ride after you adorn your finger with that diamond ring:

  1. Everyone you meet or have a conversation with talks to you about the one and only question: When is the wedding?
  2. You experience serious personality changes and while you cherish the feeling of being engaged, you start placing your man’s interests and needs above you, making mutual decisions for your life ahead. The way you see and address each other has now changed along with the identity of your relationship.
  3. You now have to shop keeping in mind the needs, likes and dislikes of all his near and dear ones- his parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins and not to forget the little mischiefs- the nephews and nieces. You are anxious enough not to miss out on anyone in your shopping list.
  4. You now try to scan wedding magazines and look for information on venues and ideas for your wedding, be it the jewellery, bridal wear, make-up or skin care regimes.
  5. You now have to bond well with the friends of your fiancée too and might not be able to keep up with your own group of friends so much. Your friends might start to think that you have changed. This is also the time when you need your close buddies the most as they are your companions for sharing the conflicts, pre-wedding jitters and for everything else that you want to confide in them.
  6. Your phone now never stops ringing and you crave for a single moment to be alone- all by yourself.
  7. Every Bollywood movie you watch post-engagement; you imagine your life after marriage and picture yourself and your fiancée as the ideal charming and romantic couple. (The made- for- each -other Jodi)
  8. The number of people you need to please has increased manifold with a new set of parents, siblings and other relatives. You have to measure your words before they come out of your mouth when you are in front of your in-laws or talking to them over the phone. You may find yourself stammering nervously and showing plastic smiles for the first time even when you do not understand the joke at family gatherings.
  9. Your dressing style takes a complete U-turn as you tend to choose more feminine clothes rather than that which goes with your casual, girly self. You suddenly fall in love with yourself and try to enhance your femininity whenever you buy something for yourself during this period.
  10. Your weight and skin colour are 24X7 under scrutiny as you cannot afford to gain weight or get tanned before the D-Day. Exercising every morning, going for evening walks and protecting yourself from the sun with scarfs and sunscreen lotions become your daily schedules.
  11. Oh my God! Did your friend just tag you in the picture of the party you went to last night? You need to change your social media network settings every now and then to prevent your would- be family from a massive shock.
  12. All of a sudden, you become a favourite among youngsters who always want to be around their new-found love- their mami, bhabhi, chachi et al. Just spare yourself from getting crazy.
  13. You get petrified when the phone rings and it is your would-be parents calling as you have been drinking to glory at your friend’s place late at night.
  14. Your parents and relatives pamper you like you never existed before and this is your first day on Earth.
  15. Honeymoon ideas clutter your mind and you keep on changing your destinations until you find a more mesmerizing picture on the internet.
  16. Your idea of recreation faces a drastic change and you now try to fit into his hobby space to spend more time together and adapt to his likes and dislikes better.


So, what does your engagement ring say to you? Are you nervous, excited, feeling like you have suddenly become more matured or having the urge to party with your single male friends for the one last time?

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