10 Hilarious Myths about Menstruation Doing Rounds in Our Society

Myths about menstruation – As a teenaged girl, we all have heard those period myths incandescently sowed in the minds of aged women.

They lived by those myths ever since and followed them in blindfolds and like the eternal flow of river, the myths were transmitted through generations. But when you judge them in the light of reasoning, in one hand they seem hilarious in other you feel pity for those who think those have practical coherence.

We as girls are paraded with Dos and Don’ts when we get our first periods and instilled with the perpetuating stigmas.

So, here are some of the Myths about menstruation that you too may have come across:

Myths about menstruation

1 – One can’t get pregnant during her periods:

Not likely that you can’t get pregnant during your periods because there always remains a chance. Like menstrual cycles, ovulation too is unpredictable.

2 – One should avoid exercising during her periods:

You can definitely exercise during your periods if you feel like. Exercising helps you control PMS symptoms and also keep the menstrual cramps at bay. It boosts Oxygen supply in your muscles.

3 – One must visit a doctor after her first period:

There is no need to see a gynaecologist just yet if the bleeding is not as profuse and the cramps are not worryingly painful. Only when they become sexually active, they should periodically consult gynaecologists.

4 – The period days should only count up to 7 days:

There are girls whose period last for three days. Not necessarily, they have an unhealthy cycle. During the first year when she just began to menstruate, the cycle may be irregular. But there is no yardstick that it should last 7 weeks.

5 – Virgin girls should not wear tampons:

It sounds downright silly that tampons take away the virginity. It depends on the comfort level, because wearing tampons are usually painful if not worn with plastic applicators that glide inside smoothly. The only way one loses her virginity is by having sex. That’s all.

6 – One can’t swim during her period:

Of course you can, duh! Use a tampon inside water, preferably not pads because they might soak up water and make you feel uncomfortable.

7 – Not to elucidate the girl about periods in her tender years:

I mean why not? It will prepare her for accepting it without being scared. Today’s generation is way advanced as they are exposed to internet and television more, so there’s no hiding.

8 – Women can’t enter holy temples:

Women are considered to be ‘unclean’ during her periods in the parts of India, Bali and Nepal so they are not allowed to enter the sacred places like temples. It is outright violation of human rights because men are allowed to practise their religion under any circumstances while women are stopped from it.

9 – Women will contaminate food:

This belief is not only prevalent in India but in Japan too. In the rural Indian parts, villager women can’t cook because it is believed that their ‘uncleanliness’ will ruin the food. They are not allowed to enter kitchen for 4 days fearing the food would sour. In Japan too, women are not allowed to prepare Sushi in the same fear.

10 – Men are not allowed to touch women during the time of their periods:

The uncleanliness rant again! It is told to men that women have cooties during their periods and might make men sick.

Adult daughter and her senior mother are taking selfie photo with mobile phone

Silly, aren’t they?

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