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Student- Mostly middle class in origin, a great number of them seem fascinated with alcohol and consuming large amounts of cheap larger at arguably cheesy student nights.

Student– When you look for the word in urban dictionary, you get to know how exactly is a student defined in the urban world. “Usually a young person between 18 and 21 who is supposed to attend university at some point or another. Mostly middle class in origin, a great number of them seem fascinated with alcohol and consuming large amounts of cheap larger at arguably cheesy student nights. ” Stands true for most of you, but not for all of you.

What type is a student, varies with every course. For example, when asked what course are you pursuing, you proudly state that you’re a student of a particular course like engineering, mass media, hotel management, architecture, medical etc. Let’s see how does the world see each of these student-species.

Engineering: Though, we have like over five thousand colleges that provide a degree in engineering and more than fifteen lakh students studying engineering in the country, whenever you ask a UG engineering student about their course, you feel their chests swelling with pride. Self proclaimed rockers, sudden developers of liking for Green Day and Coldplay, they constantly undermine other courses and boast about how engineering is way tougher than the rest. You want to know how getting a KT and failing are two different things, ask them.

Mass Media: How many times have you wondered about why do most patrakaars wear khadi kurta, pyjama, jhola on a shoulder and have their spectacles hooked onto a thread? They might be able to explain. (wink) Lots of traveling and events, they don’t really have a particular path to go ahead on. Opportunities they tell you, but in real, even they’re absolutely blank about their career. Don’t believe me? Ask them yourself.

Architecture: More of creativity than theory in their syllabus, they could hit you if you compare them to a civil engineer. The only student specie which is relieved when exams are ongoing, thanks to their bunch of assignments. But apart from the assignments college is quite a blast for them, because they indulge in educational picnics. (read: innumerable educational trips for sightseeing)

Hotel Management: Tell a typical Indian neighbour aunty that your son, brother, fiance or whichever guy you are talking about, is pursuing hotel management and share your reaction. Universally proclaimed to be a course for the feminine population (God knows why), this specie gets really pissed off on being addressed as waiter but takes revenge by subjecting us to unheard and tasteless dishes prepared in their kitchen. Not to forget their 17th century-ish etiquettes. Impressive, it is though.

Medical: Medicos have a Shravan Kumar-ish impression on the world. Life savers, angels in disguise, these people are universally known to be disinterested in important things like booze, porn etc. Try striking a conversation with them, for merely fifteen minutes. Write to us if you are NOT lead to depression, because of their constant enlightening you on aftermaths of your lifestyle.

P.S.- We totally acknowledge the importance of the above mentioned courses. All the matter written is pun intended. Stay tuned for more.

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