Keep These Things In Mind Before The Return Of Your Period After Giving Birth!

First Period After Pregnancy

There are a lot of questions related to the first period after pregnancy because many women are confused and somewhat scared.

Well frankly, the time of period is a little different once you give birth. Based on the painful cramps and the period flow; I understand it totally mess us up.

Well, if you’re curious to know what will happen with your menstrual cycle then don’t worry because this content will help you self-prepare yourself.

Firstly the periods after pregnancy depends upon how much you’re breastfeeding your baby. If you’re a mother who breastfeeds your child day and night then there are less chances for you to get period. If you’re not active into breastfeeding then you might get your periods within six weeks to eight weeks.

  • Note: – Every body type is different and based on that you can get your periods after six weeks, 1 or even 3 months as well.

The first period after pregnancy can be continuously for weeks also so don’t worry because it is not harmful. Plus you might even feel the smell is way too strong but then again it is quite normal.

Also don’t be surprised because once your red blood starts flowing; you might experience heavy blood flow for weeks as compared to the normal period days. But if you feel it’s getting too much even though you’re normal then please visit a doctor.

  • Note: – Use sanitary pads and strictly avoid using the tampons after the birth of your child.

Using tampons will not be a good idea because it might cause a certain infection.

During the blood flow process; you will experience changes like blood clots, painful cramps and also the “flow of stop and start” process.

  • Note: – Make sure that you’ve regular flow of period after months because if you keep experiencing heavy blood then it is time to consult a doctor.

 Don’t be scared and take everything easy.

Any queries regarding first period after pregnancy? Let us know in a comment below.

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