These Women Expressed The First Time They Had Periods And Its Hilarious

first time period

First time period – Menstruation, Periods, Chums, Menses and D-dates are some of the normal names women have given to their periodic cycle which is one of the most difficult natural processes that occurs in a female’s body.

I mean can you image bleeding continuously from your vagina for 5 days non-stop and bearing all the unbearable crams for those long 5 days?

Leaving aside the physical problems the mental and sentimental turbulence which occurs in a female’s body are hard to express. The first time a woman gets her periods is nothing short of a new adventure for her, though not that pleasing one but still.

So these women have shared the feeling they had on first time period – when  they saw their period blood for the first time and its kind-off hilarious.

Let’s go first time period :

  1. I was 14 years old when I got my first periods. I was in school and suddenly felt something coming out of my vagina, I thought that it was pee as I was already wanting to pee since a long time so I obviously thought that I peed my pants somehow. As I went in the washroom I saw blood all over my panties and I panicked like anything. I wore them back and rushed to my teacher crying that I have hurt my vagina. Everyone was shocked but later my teacher took me to the medical room and explained the process after teaching me how to wear a pad. It was embarrassing though.
  1. I was 15 years old when I got my first period. It was very difficult for me but my mom had long taught me how to use a pad and I was pretty sure that I need not revise the lessons she gave me. I took a pad very confidently and wore it. It was really uncomfortable and its application pained me. After tolerating weird pains for around 1 hour I asked my mom that why does putting on a pad hurt so much which obviously confused my mother. She took me to the washroom and started laughing; I became angry on that sort of laughter at that sort of a situation. Later to my finding I realized that I wore the pad upside-down which means that the sticky side was on my vagina and the sponge was on the surface of my panties. How stupid of me.
  1. I was 12 years old when I got my first period and that too while I was sleeping. I woke up and I found blood stains on my bed-sheet and suddenly I went to the horror story my cousin told me about a witch who possessed kids and teenagers and whenever she used to possess someone she used to leave blood from her meals on their beds. I suddenly believed that story and started crying. Then my mother came to rescue and explained everything to me. Later when I talked about this to my cousin sister she said that the witch she was talking about was called “Puberty” and I felt like killing her at that time.

These are first time period incidents – Well, these women seriously have funny first-period memories but on literal terms, women are quite brave because bleeding and breathing together is not that easy. Not at all!

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