Mumbai Local Vs Delhi Metro! Which Is Better?


What say Mumbai chaps?

What’s your take Delhi dudes?

Which one is better – Mumbai Local Vs Delhi Metro ?

Well, not everyone has tried both the modes of immensely popular modes of transport that have literally become the respective city’s lifeline, so it might be difficult to decide. While Mumbai local trains have been serving the ordinary citizens for past few decades now, Delhi metro has also provided the much needed respite from transportation woes for more than 10 years now.

However, the jury is still out on as to which one is better?

Let me bring out some comparable points and then you guys can decide.

1) Comfort

Since Delhi metro is completely air-conditioned, it scores a point higher than Mumbai local trains that are really uncomfortable in a hot and humid weather, especially during the rains! However, both are packed to the brim so only the ones who are sitting get any comfort, for the rest, it’s a difficult journey for sure! Rubbing others’ sweat on your own body becomes a regular feature, apart from being tossed between human flesh of different size and shape!


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