“Hepeating” Is A New Viral Word With Over 67,000 Retweets And People Want It In Dictionary!

Meaning Of Hepeating

Meaning Of Hepeating – Ladies, welcome the new word “Hepeating.”

Hepeating is a new word which is going viral with over 67, 000 re-tweets and more than 2 Lakh likes on Twitter. Now I’m sure that you must’ve heard the word “repeating” in your LIFE, right? Plus, we all know what the word means. I know, Hepeating sounds somewhat like Repeating but the meaning is obviously DIFFERENT and trust me; it was a word that was really needed.

Once you know the meaning, you’ll be like “Damn! This word should be added in the dictionary because it is an important one.”

What is the meaning behind this new word HEPEATING? Let me tell you, Hepeating is when a woman says something and then a man, knowing that it was good and no-nonsense thing to say, repeats it, by using new words and then take credits for it. To make it more simple, it is defined as “when a woman suggests an idea and it’s ignored and then the guy says the same thing by using different words, and everyone around starts appreciating it.”

See, I told ya – you might’ve experienced something like this. You know what; to be frank, I’ve experienced it and I’m so thankful that it has a word now. Like seriously, this one needs to be included in the dictionary.

A Twitter user “Nicole Gugliucci’s” friend coined this word. Like a good friend, Nicole shared it on Twitter and yes, some Twitteratis are loving her.

As you can see her tweet has more than 67, 000 retweets and the likes are growing too.

As soon as the tweet went viral, many women shared their stories. It is something that happens in office meetings a lot. Now, what can be done to avoid something like this? You know what; whenever there’s someone trying to hepeat it, you can say “Hey, that’s what I just said” or “You can repeat the same thing that you said…” Ladies, you can help your women from getting hepeated on – this tweet will help you.  

Isn’t that good?

Now let me add, there are men who know that it is important to give credit to a woman when it’s needed. Plus, according to me, anyone can use this word, as sometime women hepeats women too, and men hepeats men too. But IF we stick to the meaning of the new coined word, then ladies I already mentioned HOW to help yourself.

Now that you know the meaning of hepeating, tell me what you think.

(Source: Metro.uk)

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