Common Problems Women Go Through In Delhi Metro Are Just So Relatable !

Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro – Delhi is one hell of a crowded place in India, no wonder it’s the capital of our nation.

A lot of people have to travel from one place to maybe because of jobs or outings or whatever and most of them don’t have a personal vehicle to do that, for that matter Delhi Metro is the most easily accessible mode of transport for them which makes it the most crowded mode of transport in Delhi.

Delhi Metro is undoubtedly very safe for a woman which indeed is one of the biggest reasons why women prefer to travel in metro. Though women have a separate coach assigned for their convenience they still have their own set of problems that they face on the day-to-day basis.

Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Hair:

Women are women and looking good all the time is one integral part of their gender trait. For that matter they come with open hair in full as hell metro which is definitely annoying for other women as not all of the hair smell nice. Some of them stink as anything, will stick on your arms, face and you just lose your mind completely. You somewhere hate the hair of other women when they touch you, isn’t it?

  1. Sitters:

These are the women who sit on the floor of the metro in spite of knowing that there is lack of space in the metro train; they will just not move at all. You literally feel like kicking them out of the metro as because of their seating arrangement you have to squeeze yourself in order to avoid stepping on them and the worst part is that even though the metro keeps getting loaded to the heights, they will still not move which is definitely annoying.

  1. Eaters:

These are the women who manage to eat something in the metro no matter how crowded or over-crowded it gets. They somehow make it a point to eat something really crispy like wafers and stuff and the noise that they make while chewing up on these wafers is enough to provoke you to commit a murder right in the metro.

  1. Gazers:

These are the women who stare at you for a long time even if they know that you are aware of the way they are gazing at you. They won’t take their eyes off you, which is obviously really embarrassing for you. These women stare at every part of your body and you just can’t take that.

  1. Loudspeakers:

These are the women who would talk with someone on the phone or face-to-face so loudly that you wonder if they even know that they are in a public transport. They don’t mind laughing their lungs off in front of you and other as they have an in-built tendency to show-off their high pitch skills. These women are one of the most annoying ever.

Well, these are only 5 types of women who you meet in Delhi Metro. These are the ones who make your comfortable route turn into torture for a very, very long period. These women have literally made hell out of your life in a metro.

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