Scientists Claim That One Might Become Immortal By Meditating For 17 Years, Know How


Meditation – Since time immemorial, the saints have devoted their lives, denounced luxuries in pursuit of achieving eternal redemption.

Many books regarding meditation are available across the market but sadly, some of them share half-baked knowledge. It is however not possible to derive knowledge from the Yogis because they are seemingly beyond our reach, engrossed in their own austere dedication towards the spiritual. But companies like Google are ready to pay top dollar to unearth the mystery about achieving eternal life.

It is not criminal to have a fear for death and people who rather dream of achieving an eternal life can attempt meditation.

Here is why:

1. What the researchers say:

Thus far, the US Scientists have learned to decelerate aging, but the research has been performed in worms, not humans. They have infused blood from old mice to a new one, thereby adding to the life expectancy in the new one. But the idea of immortality was so enchanting that humans too scaled great lengths for achieving it through meditation.

2. People from all walks of life are contributing:

A great deal of money rides on the immortality research and it has been contributed by many celebrities thus far too. All the famous celebrities who indulged themselves in the pursuit, confessed that they too have fear for death and hence resorted to meditation.

3. The gene factor:

Scientists have been hair-splitting over the fact how to eliminate death from the human genes. The ‘7 Deadly SENS’ –things that cause aging on a cellular level, that the scientist and author Aubrey de Grey is working on, is hoped to break new grounds in this research.

4. How modern science defines immortality:

The five ways scientists think that you can achieve immortality through meditation are- by unravelling the mystery of genes, by cloning which means replacing the part of the body or the whole human being, Cryogenics which is the science for preserving organism that prompts a person to fall into cryogenic sleep until medics find the cure for his disease, cyber brain which means uploading your mind in a hard drive and remaining ageless, cellular repairs which means making some bodily modifications to replace the dying cells with newer ones.

5. Meditation releases your endorphins:

By meditating, you can turn off the stress hormone, adrenaline and cortisol which bears a positive impact on your body.

6. How it improves your sleep:

Because meditation is stress bursting, it helps you earn riddance from your daily tension and hence you can sleep properly and bring your life in a healthy cycle which is the key to good health, hence longer life.

7. It relieves you from pain:

If you are suffering from some perpetuating or recurring physical pain, meditation can heal you completely. It has a superpower so you need to try it to believe it.

8. It lowers your blood pressure:

Meditation cures your blood pressure which is a pressing concern among elderly people, even youngsters now. A tamed and balanced blood pressure renders you healthy and long life.

These are the ways how you can add years to your life through meditation. It is an archaic practice so needs to explanation, but the scientists have now also put their stamp on it.

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