Know What your Daily Screen Time Says About You

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Daily screen time describes the hours that a person spends on the phone or PC. Be a curse or blessing, technology has given both advantages and disadvantages with ease of use. Maybe a laptop or PC, and mainly the android or iOS phones are more interacting with the human brains and eyes.

Knowingly or unknowingly people spend a good time with their phones. It may be spending time watching web-series or working on emails. Anything may be the reason the main problem arises when the screen time is beyond the limit.

The loss to the eyes due to the daily screen

Adult to the kids each person is addicted to phones, if possible a person can spend one whole day with their iPhone or Android phones in their hands. Hereby the introduction of limiting daily screen time can help in controlling the addiction to be glued to the phone.

The main feature of the daily screen times is to determine the time using the phone. It enables a person to understand if he or she is spending unwanted or excessive time on the phone.

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When checking the statistics about the screen time of smart-phone users it was observed in 2020 that 20 percent of users spend more than 4.5 hours while the minimum use is 2.5 hours. Mostly the users are on their phones for hours on their weekdays and less on their weekends.

An addiction that causes problems

Daily screen time if increase may cause problems to the eyes, neck, shoulder. Dryness to the eyes and inflammation are common issues. Hereby kids often have severe eye problems due to high screen time.

So, it becomes important to check the timing, few of the ways to save are as follows:

Monochrome settings

The color of the phone screen always causes to the eyes, addiction puts glued but monochrome settings will ensure less pressure to the eyes. People often forget to blink while watching programs or reading. Monochrome will reduce the problems of dryness to the eyes.

Less no notifications

Emails, news, websites, WhatsApp are the common notifications that we use for our convenience but if the notifications are blocked or lessen then it will help in reducing the daily screen timings.

No apps of social media

Addiction to phones increases with social media apps, we spend more than two hours or more but in teenagers, it may increase. Removing social media apps will help in compromising with the screens on the phone.

No devices timings

Another beneficial part is the no device timings that will not allow you to use devices. It will save a lot of time and you can relax conveniently for hours.

Rather you can spend time with your family, friends, chatting face to face, reading, writing, or dancing to the music. Try workouts or simply sit back on the bed after dinner and calm down to have a sound sleep. So, understand the screen time you spend on your phone no matter if Android or iOS.

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