5 Life Lessons From Chanakya To Deal With Kalyug


Kalyug is also known as the ‘Dark Age.’ Nirbhaya and Asifa’s cases are a proof that there cannot be an age darker than this.

Where humanity stoops to a new low every day, you are your own responsibility. You can no longer rely on another human being for your well-being. Unfortunately, not even on your family and friends, at times.

In an age where you cannot trust anyone or when there are rarely people around who wants only the best for you; Chanakya’s teachings come to the rescue. His golden words are what we need today to tactfully handle Kalyug and live life as smartly as possible.

#LifeLesson No. 1: Honesty is not always the best policy

Try telling your boss that he does not know his work. Try telling your mother that you do not believe in the institution of marriage but do not mind a live-in relationship. Try telling your father you spend the pocket money he gives you on beer and see what happens next.

I rest my case!

#LifeLesson No. 2: Look for the good in bad. Do not fall prey to fake appearances. 

Nothing is what it seems. In Kalyug, there will only be poison around. It is your job to extract nectar from it. If you see the filth, wash it and check if gold has been covered in dirt. If you allow the dirt to trick you into believing that there is no gold for you, it’s your loss. Someone else will definitely wash the filth and take the gold away which originally belonged to you. And never ever forget that the fools teach you the most important life lessons. Pay attention!

#LifeLesson No. 3: Your secrets should belong only to you

Kalyug is the age wherenone has the best of intention for another. No matter whether the other person is your partner, friend, sibling, or a well-wisher, at some point in time, there will be jealousy. People may not always disturb your life intentionally but when jealousy is born, they may use your secrets against you. This can be anything – from a dream coming true, a relationship you do not want to disclose, or hunting a new job while already working for a company. It’s better to keep your secrets to yourself unless and until the plans are executed and dreams – fulfilled.


#LifeLesson No. 4: A serpent changes his skin, not his fangs

Even if you tame a tiger, you cannot guarantee that he will not eat you when hungry. The same is applicable to evil people. Gone are the days when love and compassion used to change people for good. In Kalyug, even love is misused and abused. When you see toxic people around, it’s better to walk away from them.


#LifeLesson No. 5:  Do not lower your standard

Arguing with fools will only drain you, emotionally and mentally. It is alright to let them think that they are superior. They will never raise their intellectual standard. And it’s not your job to polish their intellect.


If you have more tips to deal with Kalyug, share them in the comments below.

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