Facts About Left Handed People Which Makes Them Unique From Rest

left handed people

Left handed people – Lefties are odd ones out among the world full of people who are right handed.  Lefties make up nearly 10% of the population. but they are the most forgotten ones, as everything round us is designed for people with right handed, like the desks, gadgets made for right handed’s , cooking tools, etc. But somehow left handed people manage themselves. Science has observed some personality traits of lefties which makes them unique from rest of us.

  • Surprisingly lefties use the right side of brain when compared to left side. Left handed people are more intelligent as per studies. Lefties also multi task things easily when compared to right handed people.

left handed people

  • Lefties are more likely to Suffer insomnia, allergies, schizophrenia and

  • Lefties are more like to become alcoholic addicts. There was also a research conducted on this and the outcome was lefties drink more often than right handed people.

  • Left handed make better swimmers, boxers, tennis players, fencers and base ball players. Nearly 40% of best tennis players are lefties. Left handed people get more opportunity in sports as there are many righties there and less lefties.

left handed people

  • Lefties are 40% more likely to be homosexuals.

left handed people

  • Lefties get angry too soon, this is because lefts have more negative emotions. They also take time to process their feelings. Lefties are also moody and their mood swings keep changing.

  • Lefties get scared easily this is because left handed people are more affected by fear. In studies conducted where in a frightening film was shown and when asked lefties to recall they showed signs of stress, post traumatic stress, panic attacks etc.

So, these are a few lesser known facts about the left handed people no doubt they are amazing people with great personality off course they do write using left hand, eat with left and do all that normal people can’t do with left hands. Left handed people are also considered quite lucky by birth In India.



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