Laugh riots in Rajasthan after Rahul Gandhi addresses rally

I suggest Rahul Gandhi should try his hand as a 3rd grade actor, as you are a full package action, emotion, drama and terrible dialogue delivery.

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi turned emotional while addressing a rally in poll bound Rajasthan. He revealed in detail, his emotions on the assassination of his grandmother, Indira Gandhi.

Reportedly he said, “I knew Kehar Singh and Beant Singh and used to play badminton with them. They were my friends.”

Indira Gandhi was shot by two of her bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, on 31 October, 1984 in the garden of her residence in New Delhi. The shooting occurred as she was walking past a wicket gate guarded by Satwant and Beant. After firing, both dropped their weapons and surrendered. They were taken away by other guards in a closed room where Beant Singh was shot dead. Kehar Singh was later arrested for conspiracy in the attack. Both Satwant and Kehar were sentenced to death and hanged in Delhi.

Putting light on the fateful incident, Rahul Gandhi said that Beant used to ask him where Indira Gandhi slept.

The scion of Nehru-Gandhi family said, “Beant told me if someone ever threw a hand grenade, I should immediately lie down on the ground. Initially, I didn’t understand as to why he was telling me all this, but later realised that they had planned to kill my grandmother by hurling a grenade.”

Describing the horrifying day when Indira Gandhi was killed, Rahul said, “When I reached home with my sister, I saw my grandmother’s blood. I was very angry at my grandmother’s killers and it took a long time to get over this episode…I have faced this twice, they killed my grandmother and my father and they might kill me too, but I am not afraid”

Rahul said it takes years to get rid of anger but it takes one minute to incite it. How true. But Mr. Gandhi what are you trying to do by giving such provocative statements. Are you trying to incite people or gain sympathy votes?

Well, it’s a highly emotional speech but will not help you or your party any longer as sympathy politics are not in fashion anymore. What can you deliver now when your party couldn’t do much in more than half a century? What more tricks will you use to fool people?

I would suggest you try your hand as a 3rd grade actor, as you are a full package action, emotion, drama and terrible dialogue delivery. If that does not work then not to worry as you are a gifted, natural and spontaneous comedian.

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