“Shivoham” The Majestic State Of Spirituality to The Soul

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Shivoham is the eternal meaning of oneness, the state of pleasure to the soul free from all kinds of regrets and evils. What is the meaning of Shivoham? The word means “I am Shiva” chanting the mantra that always reminds me about the ultimate truth in a state of spirituality. Elevation of the spirit and mind at the same time is the main objective of the Mantra.

Yogi chants the mantra to heighten their consciousness and discover the real person within. Meditating the “Soham Shivoham” mantra is one of the mantras of Lord Shiva. Evaluate the soul and spirit by revealing the truth of Shivoham.

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The benefits that make to push in the majestic state of spirituality “Soham Shivoham”:

Not only a Yogi even a person who meditates can chant Shivoham. The fineness and oneness are all one, who can find to improve their realization toward themselves as well as towards the world. Some of the benefits of chanting Soham Shivoham are as follows:

State Of Spirituality to soul and mind

The mantra “Shivoham” means I am Shiva and I am consciousness. The chanting leads to purifying the mind and soul of a person. It helps in removing all kinds of negativities that acts as a barrier to all kinds of activities that a person wants to do. The self heightening does help in improving the mind and soul without intensifying the feeling of pride and anger. It is an amazing way to derive self wellness from spirituality to the soul.

Increase concentration

Meditation has always been beneficial in increasing the concentration of a person. “I am Shiva” the sentence itself develops a great stretch to divine spirit. Cleaning the mind from all the unwanted thoughts grow and increase the habit to concentrate. Being a pure soul means being honest to oneself, free the mind from unworthy delights and help to focus.

Remove inferior feelings

How your day does start? The first things that strike that mind are about the things with confusions. Confusions make a person lower the confidence and increase the inferior feelings. Decision making and leading oneself need a clear mind free from all negative and unwanted thoughts. Shivoham teaches to take a decision by proper judging the present and the past.

The healthy mind and body

Meditating improves the health of the mind and the body. Chanting of Shivoham will enable the mind and soul to bring to the state of calmness and freedom. Being free from all kinds will build the power of self-illumination that keeps the mind away from negative thought. Keeping the mind healthy inspires one to have a healthy body.

Importance of the state of spirituality

The ability of the taking decisions and understanding the importance of each fact and steps of life is possible through self-illumination. Shivoham has the power to evaluate the best things in life when a person knows about the important facts of life.

The state of spirituality escalates with the chanting of the Shivoham “I am Shiva”. That means I am the one who can develop and control my own body and mind within oneself. Developing purity and honesty cleaning the negativities to positive vibes.

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