These People Are Scared Of 5 Unbelievable Things On The Planet


Phobias – Phobia is the name given to something which is often considered greater than mere fear or fright of anything.

Phobias have no general reasoning but as said by some of the psychologist that people who have gone through certain mishaps or accidents often develop related fears or phobias about the same while some say that this is a chain of fears followed from previous births of a person; this concept of phobias is generally a taboo in the world. People who suffer from them cannot really fight with it and the person who don’t suffer feel irrelevant about it.

Here are some of the phobias that are absolutely absurd but real as hell.

Here we go:

  1. Somniphobia: This phobia is something you’ll find hard to believe. The people who suffer from this phobia have a fear of sleep. They are scared of falling asleep which is majorly traumatizing to their health and well-being. Imagine the agony of a person who just cannot sleep because he/she is afraid of it. Uncomfortable right?

  1. Hylophobia: Nature being an integral part of the world is a boon for us but a bane for other people. The people who are sufferers of Hylophobia have a deadly fear of trees. Yes, these people get scared around trees, often they think that trees will gulp them down or fall on them or whatever. They just can’t stand being near one. Unbelievable much!

  1. Uranophobia: The people who are sufferers of this phobia fear about something which is just out of the world, like literally. These people fear heaven. Though the reason of such a fear is still unknown but those who have this in them can’t tolerate the HEAVEN around them in any way. Isn’t this crazy enough?

  1. Omphalophobia: These people have quite an irrelevant fear, not irrelevant for them though. These people have a fear of Navels. Yes, they fear getting their navel touched, flaunting their navel, touching other’s navels and so on. Navels? Like, seriously?


  1. Turophobia: People love eating and food-lover is a word which has been existing since a long time but these people don’t really care about that. These people have a fear of Cheese. Not that they fear eating or gaining weight or are allergic to cheese, these people FEAR cheese. How is that even possible?


So folks, these are some of the most unusual and weird phobias that people have. No justification or answers have been made in their reference but it’s scientifically proven that they do exist as a lot of people suffer from them. World is damn weird. Isn’t it?

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