A Letter To The Men Who Think A Girl’s Dress Asks For Rape

A Letter To The Men Who Think A Girl’s Dress Asks For Rape

Dear Men,

When I said dear men, I obviously made an exception and didn’t consider those who are educated and know the main root cause of rape and don’t blame women for the atrocities happening to them.

It’s crazy that I have to write this because it’s stupid that this debate even exists in our society.

I don’t understand in what sense and in which world, clothes of a woman decide how she will be treated by men. If a dress of girl is the major problem and the only reason behind her getting sexually harassed, raped or even kidnapped, then I don’t understand the inception of this concept.

Okay, what if I agree with you for a second and say that a girl wearing short dress provoked a pervert and she got raped. Now, what about that 80 year old woman who got assaulted inside her home in Haryana?

Was her saree and figure too much for the guys to handle?

What about that 3 year old girl who didn’t even know her own existence, when a neighbor decided to kidnap her, rape her and insert plastic bottles inside her vagina? Was that 3 year old not properly dressed by her parents or even she was showing her sexy legs and cleavage?

Everything aside, what about that poor girl who never left her home without a Burqa on and still got harassed by a few jerks around the streets?

If a girl’s dress is the reason behind her rape, then I want to know what are the basic standards that women need to follow so that they don’t get raped. Should we all start wearing an iron shield before we go out or shall we just sit at home whole day and lock the doors so that no one can see us and think about raping us.

But oh, wait!

What about that little girl who got raped inside her own bedroom by the hands of her uncle?

Or that girl who was sitting inside her home when a man entered her house forcefully, raped her and killed her?

Arguments can go on and on and you can keep on blaming a dress of girl, her lifestyle and her body for the things happening to her because that’s the most you can do towards this issue. Cowards like you are the ones who turn into rapists and destroy this beautiful world for women. It’s neither the dress of girl nor her lifestyle, because if that would have been the reason, rape count in our country would one 99% lesser than what it is today.

Instead of blaming a girl, blame the guy who had the guts to look at her and think of her as a prey.

Blame the society who lets that guy do anything to any girl and just see the show like cowards.

Blame the system who has been turning a blind eye on the issue since decades and give vague reasons when asked to speak in the matter.

Blame yourself who blamed the dress of girl, instead of protecting her when a pervert was lurking at her.

To conclude, I just want to say, not all men are rapists but all women get raped and there are some men who really need to be blamed for that and not the clothes.