5 Skin Routines To Follow If You Are In Love With Putting Make-Up On

ways to take care of skin

Ways to take care of skin – Some girls love to put their make-up on and dazzle the world like a diva.

But they often forget what that make-up is doing to their skin. Well, your skin needs some rest and rejuvenation in order to look as flawless in reality as it does with make-up. And for that, you need to follow some skin routines that will help your skin if you regularly put that make-up on.

So, just follow these ways to take care of skin and do as much make-up as you want to.

Ways to take care of skin – 

1. Wash your face 3 times a day

It is important for you to keep your skin clear and dirt free whenever you don’t have the make-up on. This is why, you need to wash your skin with a gentle face wash at least 3 times a day.

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2. Keep your skin moisturized 24*7

Whether it is before putting on make-up or when you are at home, you need to keep your skin moisturized in order to prevent it from any breakdown. Make sure you use a light moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t look oily.

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3. Never step out without SPF

Just because you have your make-up on, you compromise with the SPF. Never do that as it will impact your skin double the time with make-up and no SPF. So, if you are going out in day with makeup, put SPF before the base.

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4. Never sleep with make-up on

Always remember to remove that make-up before sleeping, no matter how tired you are. Just take the best baby oil you have on a cotton and clean your skin. Then wash it with a mild face wash and you are good to go.

5. Give small breaks

If possible, then give your skin a break for at least 24 hours without make-up in every 3 days. It will help your skin and pores breathe, which is good to avoid ageing at an early age.

These are the ways to take care of skin. Though it’s quite amazing to apply the best of our make-up products, you should know that sometimes it’s good to keep it natural too. Be that as it may, if you can’t handle that, then take care of your skin with these simple steps.

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